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Interior Direction (Pre-Construction) - We help put together palettes; such as flooring, cabinetry, lighting, window treatments and wall colors while the home is in the pre-construction phase.

Interior Direction (Post Construction) - Once the home is complete we help select any additional window treatments, furniture, and accessories.  Whether you need all new furniture or just a few pieces, we help put it all together.

Interior Re-Decorating - Using the furniture and accessories you already own, we can recreate your home.  We apply design principles that enhance the natural focal point of each room.  We help you put it all together before it is all together.  This is full service assistance with choosing flooring, wall colors, calamity, window treatments, furniture, accessories and more.  We help your vision come to life.  This process will make your home vibrant, refreshed and here's the best part: it's inexpensive.

Consultation - If you need a little push in the right direction then you are a candidate for a consult.  We can help you focus your energy and money in the right direction by planning out your design before we take action.  Whether you need a confirming "yes do it" or "I love it" or you have no idea what to do, a consult is the 1st step to good designs.

Purchase Thru Placement - Shopping for extra furniture and accessories can be overwhelming.  We provide artwork, greenery, and those last finishing touches to pull the room together.  With customer approval and no obligation to buy, we shop and install any extra items that may be needed.

Mergers and New Home Set-Up - Often the task of moving and dual home consolidation can be difficult and stressful.  We place the furniture, hang the artwork and help you focus on the best of the best pieces.  When the homeowner's see their new home with the best, it is easy to let go of the rest.

Real Estate Staging - They say perception is reality and if your home looks cluttered with no thought to design it will be perceived that way.  We help de-clutter spaces and apply design principles that enhance focal points and enlarge spaces.

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