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Here at The Finishing Touch I believe in getting visual bang for your buck! I strive to provide the most complete look in a space so that change is visible and the room looks done.

You can get answers to many questions by scheduling a consultation.

Do you need help with paint colors, flooring, or crown molding? What colors to paint can be daunting, what type of flooring to install can be tricky, and how much molding do you need is often a big question.

Do you need help with furniture placement?

Furniture placement is a particularly challenging issue in open floor plan models but I can provide the answers.

Do you need to know what to buy for your home and how to mix the old and the new? I provide help with anything or any question that you may have regarding interior decorating.

Do you just want to run an idea by an experienced professional in this field who can provide an objective answer?

Are you stuck in analysis paralysis? An experienced professional can help you move forward.

Do you and your partner have different styles and tastes?
I can help you bring it together and keep both parties happy!

Do you need the names and numbers of contractors that I have used for at least ten years? I provide names and numbers of my trusted contractors.

Are you updating?
Do you want to know what the most critical update is and how much it will cost?
I can help with that by building a budget for you. Often, once clients know the cost of things they can make a better plan for which project to execute first.

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