Designer Floral Arrangements by Ruth Dyer

Designer Floral Arrangements
by Ruth Dyer

Orchids from Finishing Touch

Flowers are nature’s exclamation point!

They have the power to stop the eye, accent the background, and they command attention. The only problem is that no matter the beauty of live floral arrangements, the have a short life span in decorating. So when decorating your home or office, you should strongly consider Faux Flower Arrangements. When using faux florals there is only one rule…..They must look real!

I love orchids because they look so realistic. If you are someone who does not like silks, the orchid is a great place to start. I prefer the Windward Phalaenopsis orchid because it looks so amazing I would challenge anyone to pick it out as fake.

We use lots of Heather baskets and heather pots in design work because they look very authentic. Also, heather provides an earthy herby texture to any space.

We make all types of arrangements for wholesale or retail. Please contact The Finishing Touch for all your floral needs.