Spirit Free

“I wish some air would move through here,” I said in a soft voice to Regan.
Finally, a breeze stirred the stagnate air and the crowd came to life as Winter the dolphin popped her head above the water. “Look there she is and Hope too!” my niece exclaimed with excitement. Hope rose up high using the great force of her tail to move across the tank as everyone clapped. If you don’t know about Winter, she is the dolphin who lost her tail and received the first ever prosthetic dolphin tail. And Hope is a dolphin that was found as a young calf trying to nurse from her deceased mother. They were both rescued and taken to the Clearwater Aquarium where they live as best friends today. The Clearwater Aquarium is a refurbished water treatment facility that has become a rehabilitation center for marine life in trouble and a great place to visit. As I watched Winter show off her prosthetic tail and Hope jump, my mind wondered to the world of decorating, free spirits, and ocean blues. Let’s take a peek at a space that was inspired by a free spirit somewhere in the heart of the Villages.

• Home owner request Navy-Blue-Looking-Rich-and-Inviting
The homeowner requested new furniture. The furniture they brought with them was so low that it was no longer comfortable. We decided that we did not need to paint. The color on the wall was just enough that we did not want to spend money when we did not have to. Also, the homeowner wanted a reading nook rather than a dining room. Finally, homeowners did not want too much furniture or stuff and they wanted some color in the furniture with a touch of Florida in the art.

• Inspiration
The inspiration for this space came from a picture titled “Free Spirit” by the official fine arts photographer of Florida. This photograph is a lone mangrove on a sandbar in Islamorada Florida. It is peaceful and captivating with deep navy blue sky dappled with white clouds. The sky meets the teal ocean in the horizon and at the center we see the mangrove surrounded by sun kissed water. Inspiring indeed!

• Go Navy
The homeowner decided that they would love to have a presence of navy in their furniture but not too much. We accomplished this by purchasing a couch with woven fabric of soft ivory and navy running through it. The color is subtle but definitely there. The two chairs in the living room are a navy fabric with a soft pattern but the pattern is subtle so that the homeowner will not be locked into a “Look” like a floral sofa from long ago might have done. The pillows have pattern and they provide an accent. The homeowners wanted to put their feet up on an ottoman, so we made the ottoman the strong pop of solid navy in the room. The ottoman is a large deep tufted piece with silver nail head running around the base. The silver nail head and square legs are a modern addition to a traditional piece. The room has enough furniture to feel lived in but not so much that it feels crowded.

• Side tables
We added three round side tables to the space. All of the tables were in a finish that coordinated with the entertainment unit the homeowners had just purchased.

• Lamps
We chose to pop white with the lamps. Also, the lamps have a bit of a modern look with the clear glass base and silver finial, but the white lattice pays homage to the pierced porcelain of the past. We placed the third lamp beside the entertainment unit and it is white coral that looks unique and beautiful.

• Accessories
The entertainment unit is darker wood, so we decided to use white to pop inside the cabinet. The large white pieces stand out without looking like clutter. You can’t go wrong with larger and less!

• The reading nook
This was an idea the homeowners liked from pictures in the paper! We decided to use print on the reading chairs. This I-Kat pattern with navy, tan and crème looks amazing in the space but not too dominate. Of course, the arch mirror was added for light and to mimic a window. Finally, we added a large round table with a capiz shell lamp for reading light. The space feel balanced enough to enjoy an afternoon of reading!

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Before and After Pics Below