The Quick Change

There is a time in everyone’s decorating life when they look at their guest room and feel very overwhelmed. Often that happens when guests are on the way for a week’s visit. You think to yourself; “My daughter’s old bedroom set won’t cut it anymore.” As you prepare to get rid of that set you slowly realize after three consignment stores refuse it for resale; you will need to donate it after all. Before running out to buy a whole new bedroom suite, stop and think on a broader scale. What other rooms need to be refreshed in the future and are there items in those rooms that will work in the guest room? These are questions that work to save you money if you will apply them. Let’s take a peek into a guest bedroom and master bedroom of a Begonia model to see how applying questions on a larger scale created a quick change just in time for the Easter Holiday somewhere in the Heart of The Villages.

• Start with the guest room After Ready-for-guest-on-Easter-break
The project started with the guest room when I saw the old bed set. It was from the 1970’s maybe and it was very tired by now. The homeowners wanted a new set and we were discussing what to get; when I asked about the master bedroom bed. “Have you ever wanted a new bed for the master bedroom?” I asked. Yes, they did and they wanted to move from a queen mattress up to a king mattress. This is critical information to keep money from being wasted. The guest bedroom needed a queen bed and we had one.

• Move the Bed
We moved the queen bed from the master into the guest room and it was perfect. The homeowner called the store where they had purchased the bed and they had a matching nightstand in stock. Now we had a bed and a nightstand!

• Coordinate don’t match
When you release the idea that everything has to match, you will feel free, stop analyzing and move forward quickly. We needed a very small side table for the angled wall of the guest bedroom. We used an oval wicker and wood table that’s finish was not the same as the other items in the room but still looked good with them. By keeping the second side table smaller, this allowed us to have room for a sixty inch long bench on the wall opposing the window. Guest can lay their luggage on the bench or sit down at a lower level to put on their shoes. The grey blue of the bench could not be found in anything else in the room, but it complemented the grey tones in the bedspread. Also, we hung a large mirror above the bench. This mirror will reflect light from the window and allow an extra space for guest to put on makeup or do their hair.

• Bedspread
The homeowner owned the bedspread that is shown, and we loved it! We used this spread an inspiration to select our art and lamps. The homeowner chose a beautiful picture of the Caribbean with blues and teals that complement the bedspread. This bedspread also has grey in the pattern and that complements the floor and the art that we chose for the side wall. The side wall picture is of a manatee looking through seaweed at the guests as they drift off to sleep.

• Lamps
The lamps are teal with tiny starfish on the base. The white shades allow the three way bulbs to put out lots of light for your guests.

• No Rug
There was no room to place a rug in the space. If you place a rug that is too small or flimsy, it becomes a tripping hazard. Sometimes it is best to have no rug to keep it safe.

• TV
If your guests are lying in bed they will be looking at a closet and a small piece of wall. This little wall is great for a TV. We purchased a console from an online retailer and it was thin enough and sturdy enough to hold a small TV and provide a bit extra storage. We purchased it in white and we did not worry if all the whites in the room matched. It all worked out great!

• Master bedroom
The homeowners were able to find a king bed in a different collection that complemented their existing furniture. They purchased their new king mattress and all is good!

• Pressure
Remember, that pressure can be good. Pressure makes you move and make decisions. I find clients don’t get held up as much if they are on a timeline. Silly hang-ups fall away and over analysis exhaust itself as the timeline draws ever near. If you have trouble making decisions then schedule a big party and that will help you get it done!

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Before and After Pics Below