Coastal Calm

Though I enjoyed the four days away with my niece and nephews; when kids are with you there is always something happening and the vacation is very active. Having said that, I am ready to sit in a chair at The Southernmost Beach Resort and stare for hours into crystalline water where the, “blue of the sky, meets the green of the sea”. The only sounds that I want to hear are the waves gently lapping against the sea wall, palm fronds rustling above my head, and the occasional birds announcing themselves as they fly high and away. I want to dig my toes deep into the cool sand and read missed issues of Southern Living while the coconut smell of suntan lotion wafts by me from time to time. These strange rituals must be performed to reach the Zen place of coastal calmness and I will be reaching that place in a matter of two weeks and I can’t wait. I am left wondering if one can reach that “coastal calm Zen place” without driving 7.5 hours to Key West and in the world of decorating, one can or two! Let’s take a peek into the master bedroom of a Lantana in which the homeowners achieve coastal calmness everyday somewhere in the Heart of the Villages.

• The GoalAfter-is-Coastal-Calm-and-Bright-Zentastic
The goal for the homeowners was to update and lighten the master bedroom.
They purchased a new bed and headboard so we kept that but the wall color would have to change.

• Paint
The color that was on the walls was nice but the homeowner specifically wanted blue to create calmness and relaxation. We chose a blue that is neutral and light giving at the same time. Window Pane 6210 is a neutral green based blue that is very light, fresh and restful. This was just enough color saturation to make the room feel like a completely different space.

• Curtains
As much as I love crisp molding, white billowy curtains feel light like white clouds against a bright blue sky that soften a bedroom to a state of dreaminess! We hung white curtains 95” high. That height will take the drapery all the way to the ceiling and as you can see in the after photo, draw the eye upward and make the space look brighter.

• New art
The homeowners loved photograph art and they love blue. We hung the photograph New Beginnings over the bed and it looks amazing! This picture is a sunrise that is full of different shades of blue and popping with undertones of shimmery sand and sea grass. It is perfect to reinforce the focal point over the bed. There is a nice large space between the windows that was begging for a tall vertical picture. The homeowners chose the photograph art titled, “Wish you were here”. The two photographs complement each other perfectly an each photo creates a longing to be there on the sand experiencing the coastal calm.

• New bedding
The new bedding was very simple but really makes a statement. The first thing that we used was a very thin white coverlet as the base for the bed. We chose to play up the navy by adding navy euro pillows along the back of the bed. We placed king shams that were teal, white, lime green and navy against the navy Euro pillow and it really looks great. A cute polka dot pillow buttoned up the center of the pillow stacks and a final fish pillow with green and navy tassels finished off the top of the bed nicely. The coverlet that matched the king shams was folded up and placed in the center of the bed as a bed scarf to reinforce a pop of color.

New lamps
We chose new lamps that had color! The new lamps were hand crafted pottery fired in a kiln and finished with a drip glaze. Each lamp is slightly different and has different shades of blue throughout their body. These lamps are the jewelry that finishes the look perfectly.

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Before and After Pics Below