Traditional Modernity

Use of mirrors in design has deep roots in the past. Louis XIV, a very stylized King, understood the use of mirrors for multiplication and used them frequently in palatial décor. In fact, The Hall of Mirrors was built to make a statement on the economic and the artistic triumphs of France. Most rooms with his stamp would have several mirrors reflecting chandeliers or window light, and definitely decadent art. You may not live in a French palace but certainly your home is your castle and mirrors are always in style! Let’s take a look at a Laurel Oak model whose King and Queen used big mirrors like a pro, somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• The Model Looking-into-the-living-room-from-library-nook
The model is a Laurel Oak and I compare it to a Lantana on steroids. These former Lantana owners did not realize how much larger the space would feel from their former home; all this extra space left them asking how will we fill this room?

• Wall Color
The homeowner wanted gray as a wall color but did not want the house to feel cold. In their previous home they painted the walls Popular Gray 6071 and that was the choice in this home as well. Popular Gray has a brown undertone so that it looks gray but it is warm. The name of the paint pays homage to its total versatility in any style of décor.

• Color Story
The color story is the colors that are found with repetition in the space. The colors for this space are navy blue, gold/yellow, and teal blue.

• Style of Décor
This homeowner is very eclectic but with two specific leanings. They like traditional coffee tables, cabinets, side tables. However, the seating is usually on the modern side. I love the combination of the two looks and I think they marry well!

• One eating area
The homeowners did not want two eating areas so they opted to make the dining room a library nook. In the Laurel Oak this space is quite extended and they happened to have a sectional from their previous home that looked amazing in the space. Usually, large mirrors are hung on the wall opposing the sliders but this time the homeowners went big! The entire wall received floor to ceiling mirror treatments. It looks amazing! Anyone who pays for a view wants to extend that view and the mirrors capture the entire view and move it into the living space. That is a two for one! Everywhere the eye moves through the space there is a view. Large bookcases with glass doors line the wall opposite the library nook (former dining room). We filled the bookcases with books and accessories that have sentimental value. Two strong pops of color hang on the wall adjacent to the mirrored wall and start the color story for the space. Two chairs round out the seating of the library inviting one to come in and sink their toes in the plush cream carpet that we placed under the sectional to warm up the tile.

• Living room
The homeowners loved the concept of a rough tile accent wall in the living room but the Laurel Oak living room wall is huge. They decided to have tall, floor to ceiling cabinets built on each side of the living room wall and fill in the wall between the cabinets with the rough tile accents. The 85 inch television was then mounted on the tile and a modern fireplace was installed into the tile wall below the TV. This is a great modern application that works with traditional cabinetry, or modern cabinetry. This application of tile adds a natural and organic texture to the space without shocking the eye. This look will definitely stand the test of time.

• Accents
We filled the cabinets with blue accents to reinforce the color story in the living room. We placed blue pillows and a hot yellow throw on the sofa to pull the color around the space.

• Layers of rugs
The large 9×12 rug from the previous home was gray and gold. We needed a large rug for the living area because it is big. The gray was nice but not much color. We layered an 8×10 navy blue rug on top of the large gray rug to give the room a strong infusion of color. It looks magazine worthy!

• Curtains
Originally the white curtains from the previous home were hung on the windows. They looked good but the homeowner was seeking color this time. We found a white curtain with a navy blue pattern running through it. The pattern looks modern and the curtains have silver grommets. They work well with the mixing of modern and traditional and add a touch of color to the back of the house.

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