The Florida Life

Florida is more than a state; it is a state of mind. Like water working its way around every crevasse it encounters, Florida gets into your soul. It does not matter where you are from; the longer your flip flopped feet stay on Florida ground the more complete the transformation becomes. With each sunset that takes your breath away Florida gets deeper into the soul. When it comes to decorating it is no wonder that so many of my clients want to add Florida into their life. Let’s take a peek into a Lantana model that has been changed from Tuscan life to Florida Life, somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• ChallengeThis-shows-a-bit-more-of-the-rug
The challenge in this space was to make a change and lighten up but the homeowner wanted to try to keep some of the things that she liked from the Tuscan Look.

• Paint color
The gold walls of the former look were warm and beautiful and happy! The homeowners had enjoyed that look for about seven years and now they were seeking a calm coastal vibe. We decided to repaint the main body of the house the cooling neutral green based blue, Rainwashed 6211. This color brings the outside into a space. It feels natural, calming and coastal.

• Molding
The molding was installed seven years ago and looks even more amazing complemented by the Rainwashed color. We decided to enhance the entry way to the master bedroom and the foyer by adding columns to the walls. Also, we installed wainscot all the way around the room and under the kitchen bar. The wainscot in the dining room is simple with just trim added to the wall creating a simple box. However, the wainscot under the bar has bead board inside the boxes for a bit more durability when it gets kicked and it looks a little more casual. All the wainscot, trim and columns are painted white in stunning contrast to the blue. It looks awesome!

• New Chandelier
Again we loved the old chandelier but it was time for something new! The homeowner loved the Beau Orb and we chose to purchase it in oil rubbed bronze. I love this chandelier because it provides great visual impact but does not look heavy or take up too much space. Also, this light fits into traditional or modern styles.

• The arch mirror
This is an oldie but a goodie! We installed this mirror about seven years ago and it still looks great! This mirror looks like a window not just a mirror and it reflects the light from the opposing slider which makes the space feel open and light.

• New art
We chose to highlight Florida through the art in the space. For the wall across from the dining room, we installed “Free Spirit”! This is a sixty wide and forty high canvas photograph by Alan Maltz, the official fine arts photographer or Florida. This stunning representation of a single Mangrove appears to be lit from behind increasing the intensity of the blue hues in the horizon. You can’t get any more Florida than a mangrove on a sandbar in the middle of the Keys! For the wall adjacent to the mirror wall of the dining room, the homeowner chose Elizabeth Kershaw, “Coconuts”. We loved the bits of coral and orange that is captured in the watercolor of coconut palm fronds.

• Sconces
We hung two wall sconces on each side of the large canvas. These wall sconces were purchased at an online retailer and also create a great visual impact. We filled them with candles that can be turned on by remote and the flicker is so real that it will fool you! We decided to hang flower sconces on each side of the arched mirror. We filled them the very tiny white shells and placed a stem of greenery down into the shells. The shells did a great job of holding the stem upright.

• New rug
I love the rug! This rug combines navy blue with teal blue and orange and it is beautiful! All of the colors in the rug can be seen around the room in art and accessories. The rug and pillows complement each other for the perfect finish to a freshened space.

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