with the Classics!

“This will be my last Halloween!” my niece Regan announced. She is a tween and on the precipice of becoming a teenager. For her swansong All Hallows eve character she has chosen to be a Corpse Bride. She has selected for her special night, a fashionable ripped and dirty wedding gown. Grandma has created her a special tiara that makes even the most undead corpse bride come alive with sparkle and gleam. Her shoes will be tattered wrecks of strappy sequins with one broken heal to help her limp about the streets. She will collect her candy in a most complementary extra dirty white Prada clutch that cannot be pried from her cold dirty hands. Gone are the days of Snow white and Cinderella but change is the only thing in life that is inevitable. This is true in the world of decorating as well, but if you make the right changes over time they will stand the test of time. Let’s take a peek at some classics and how beautiful they look once they are applied to a variety of homes somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• White KitchensIsland-with-the-bead-board-application--of-wainscot
White kitchens have been popular since the 1920’s. White is considered clean, fresh, bright and happy. White can morph into any style from modern to classic. White is versatile because you can choose any color granite, backsplash, or appliances. Personally speaking, when we do kitchen re-faces it is always white or off-white that is chosen because the client wants a bright and fresh space. You just can’t go wrong with white!

• Wainscot
Wainscot is a treatment of wood that lines the lower walls beneath a chair rail.
It can be applied in several ways but the most popular is with boxes and bead board or just boxes. The entire wainscot treatment is painted white from the chair rail down to the baseboard. This is a classic clean look that can move from age to age and style to style. One application that I use frequently, when the kitchen cabinets are dark, I suggest wrapping the island in a white wainscot to add light and dimension to the space. The white island stands in bright contrast to a dark or warm wood kitchen like a little ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark space.

• Hard Surface Flooring
Even though there are always new types of flooring products being introduced to the market, there are still two reigning kings. Engineered hardwood or tile are the two best investments in your home and stand the test of time. Also, they eliminate walk patterns and allow your home to be much cleaner. If you want engineered hardwood but have a fear about it, then consider tile that looks like wood. It can be deceiving to the eye and has a visual warmth that regular tile does not.

• Area Rugs
We still love rugs but they are area rugs. Once the tile or hardwood is installed you will need to add area rugs back into the space. Area rugs add versatility, color and a soft place for your feet. Area rugs are classic and stand the test of time.

• Crown Molding
Crown Molding has been around longer than white kitchens and is always a winner. Remember, when your ceilings are nine feet and over go big on the crown. We usually install 7 inch molding to these tall ceilings.

• Window casement
When large casement molding is added to the doors and sliders of any space it adds instant character and charm. If you have a fabulous view the large casement molding on your sliders, provides an amazing picture frame to the world outdoors. Even if you don’t have a view, casement molding makes your windows look great.

• Mix elements
For an interesting space, mix elements. You may not have a coastal home but a large piece of shelf coral may look amazing on your coffee table. Coordinate your space and accessories based on color not themes.

• Where you put your money matters
I harp on the classics so much because they are good investments in the home. I very rarely find frivolous people who can spend money on the latest fad.
Keep things simple, classic, and coordinated and you cannot go wrong.

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