Endless Journey

I hope that I never get to my destination because that would be the end of the journey. I believe the journey is the destination; it is within the journey that we find growth and discovery. It is the traveling of the paths that keeps us lively and interested. We all know that the one constant in life is change, so then it is the journey that is constant and the path that yields to change. As I stared into the picture titled, “Endless Journey” and pondered my own deep thought, I realized that paths change in the world of decorating as well. Let’s take a look at an Ivy model and see how the homeowners changed their path and as a result are enjoying their journey somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• First Path
Living-Room-and-CurtainsThe homeowner’s first path was the color red or a version of red. They decided to pull color from the Lanai furniture into the space which they thought was red but really was pumpkin rust. This trying to tie into the pumpkin rust on the lanai, led them down a path of rose and rusty rose inside the house. From the couch and two chairs in the dining room to the custom made rugs in the living room; it all was rose or a version of rusty rose.

• Discovering a new path
When I arrived on the scene I was going to help tie it all together which could have been done using the rose color. However, after extensive discussion with the homeowner, we discovered that they only picked those colors to tie into the lanai and they would be willing to change and utilizes different blue’s which was really more the homeowner’s true taste.

• Sitting Room
The homeowners only needed one dining room, so we used the official dining room as a sitting room and that is the furniture that we changed. We sold the rose colored furniture and purchased really comfy new stuff! We decided that we would reposition the furniture and install a couch into the space rather than a loveseat. The couch was placed against the wall that is at the left side of the sitting room upon entering the space. We installed two large mirrors on the back wall in order to catch all the light from the large sliders reflecting it back into the space. We purchased two very comfortable swivel chairs and placed them opposing the sofa to create a very comfortable conversation area. We chose a 5×8 rug in the sitting room and we kept the color of the rug light. We hung “Endless Journey” above the sofa and the wall came to light and life! We used two side tables on each side of the sofa and two amazing glass lamps to finish off the space. Also, please notice that the bar is gone. We moved the bar into the foyer where it was repurposed to look like an entrance table. Now the homeowners will burn extra calories while mixing a cocktail.

• Living room
Lighter couches in the future will add more light to the space but the couches that they have will work for now. I don’t like to re-spend money when we don’t have to. It is better to finish a space if you can use what you have and these couches were neutral enough to do just that. When dark things are surrounded by light, the dark things look less dark.

• Rug
Since we installed a heavy dose of color into the sitting room we would need a heavy dose of color in the living room. We chose a large 8×11 rug to fill the space and create a pop of strong color. We added pillows to pull around the navy blue as well. Two new side tables and two lamps were introduced to the space. The lamps were a glazed navy and crème lamp with just a touch of modern. They look really good in any room using navy blue.

• Stationary side panels
Since the wall color was light in the house we needed color at the back of the space. We installed stationary side panels on all of the windows to add warmth and color. The side panels are white with a chain link pattern in navy blue running the length of the curtain. They add just enough color and warmth to make the space feel finished. These were not expensive either so if you need a quick easy fix to your windows off the rack panels are the way to go!

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Before and After Pics Below