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Merriam Websters dictionary defines inspiration as: to influence, to move or guide, to draw forth or bring out, to infuse something. So, then the inspiration to do these things must come from somewhere. Many people are inspired through travel and love combining things from different cultures. In the world of decorating, we are often inspired by cultures from abroad, and it is very common to borrow from different cultures to create a well-balanced and traveled space. For example, Asian inspired spaces can borrow from many different Asian cultures for a fabulous mix of art, carved furniture, and beautiful lighting. Let’s peek into the living room of a Gardenia model to see how mixing it up can create a unique and inviting space somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

  •  Wall ColorGardenia Living room, Open, bright and inviting, Home Décor by Ruth Dyer - in the Villages of Florida.
The wall color was such a good color that the homeowner decided to keep it. The color is Blonde 6128, and it is a rich buttery color that has a warm golden glow.
Remember to always use an eggshell or satin finish so that light will bounce around the space. Having a bit of sheen is better to show off the color because the sheen reflects light. A flat finish will always absorb light and look chalky.

  •  Furniture placement
The furniture placement of the living room is very important in a Gardenia model. The homeowners had the TV between the windows in a dark entertainment cabinet and that made the space look dark. The homeowners sold the TV cabinet and moved the TV to the wall with the slider. The new TV console was dark but smaller and not in such a prominent spot. The couch was moved between the two windows and the two chairs were moved to sit opposite the TV. The seating space was rounded out with a chair sitting at an angle looking inward to the space. The whole space is now open and inviting!

  •  New furniture
The homeowners purchased new seating pieces. The new couch and chairs were chosen in a soft blue fabric that adds color to the space. The golden wall color and the blue fabric look so good together. The couch and one chair with an ottoman are a brand of furniture that can be customized to fit the body. The couch depth, seat cushion density, arm style and leg style are all customized to the person buying the sofa. The recliner was a different brand of furniture, but we found a fabric that almost exactly matched the couch and the chair. Even though the new seating pieces are blue they remain neutral in the space because they all blend. Finally, the carved wooden chair was placed looking inward toward the couch and chairs rounded out the seating area. The chair is a crème color fabric and because it was neutral, it worked in the space quite well.

  •  Art
The art above the sofa is two beautiful paintings of birds. The paintings have soft blue hues, a golden sky background and oriental writing at the top left corner. We could not tell if it was Japanese or Chinese writing, but the paintings are perfect for the space! The homeowner had a large screen with colorful birds that was previously standing in the corner of the room. We moved the screen to the wall behind the chairs and spread it out to look larger. The intention was to hang the screen, but it looked so good standing the homeowner decided to let it stand. The screen adds a pop of color behind the chairs. A metal tree with golden leaves was chosen to hang above the TV. The tree was captured in the metal with its leaves blowing to the left. The piece could be from many cultures, and it blends in beautifully into the space.

  •  Side table and coffee table
The side tables and coffee table have a definite Chinese inspired line and they are made of solid wood. The side tables were joined together and placed at the back of the sofa in the before picture because there was no room to place them on either side of the sofa. Now that the living room is open, you can see the tables as a key feature in the space.

  •  Lamps
We placed three new lamps in the room. The two side tables received two elephants that are vintage lamps. These lamps are no longer in production, and they are very unique. We turned them so that they are facing each other, and they are very complementary to the space. The second lamp is made of metal, and it is water lily’s stacked and displayed up the stem of the lamp. This lamp is also no longer in production and that makes it very special !

  •  Rug
The rug is a soft muted blend of all the colors in the room. We were not trying to make a huge statement with the rug because we wanted it to blend into the space. This rug blends nicely. We placed the rug at an angle to visually widen the room and anchor all the chairs in the space.

  •  Large basket
We placed a large basket behind the chair, and it can hold all the pillows from the sofa when there is a room full of guests. You need pillows and soft goods to create an inviting space so if you plan for a place to contain them, using the room will be very easy.

  •  Window molding and crown molding
The windows and slider received casement molding and header to create a picture frame that would make the window pop. The white molding dresses the windows and makes them look complete.
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