Christmas, all year long

Everything seemed to shimmer with a cool white glow as I watched the lights that adorn Cinderella’s castle grow to full brightness against the inky star filled sky. Who does not love Disney at Christmastime? The lights and decorations make the park feel like the Hallmark channel has come to life all around you. I wish the castle could be draped in lights 365 days a year; then every Disney visit would feel like Christmas. Later that night I thought about the idea of Christmas 365 days a year and how that relates to the world of decorating. The majority of my work is helping people create a new home here in Florida after a lifetime lived somewhere else. It is a gift when I can create a space that feels like home all year long. Let’s take a peek into a Gardenia model and see how we created a space that shimmers and gleams throughout the year somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

•  MonochromaticCalming minimalistic space.
A monochromatic room is a room with many different shades of the same color.
This room uses many different shades of gray, from light gray to charcoal gray. We have a few touches of black in the space, glass and shimmery silver, but the majority of the color is derived from many shades of gray.

•  Minimalism
Minimalism in décor is usually associated with a monochromatic look because a monochromatic look promotes simplicity. Minimalism in design is a space with no excess but just what the space needs to be comfortable, finished, and livable. This room marries the two ideas together to create a comfortable calming space.

•  Paint
The walls are gray throughout the home but the space looks light because there is lots of white trim. Also, the white and gray tile flooring keeps the space light as well.

•  Crown molding
The crown molding is seven inch crown molding and can be installed on any ceiling that is nine foot and over. Many people worry that crown molding cannot be installed on a sloping ceiling but it can be installed and looks very nice, as you see in the photo. The molding is installed at an angle and sits partly on the wall and partly on the ceiling. The seven inch crown looks more impressive on a high ceiling because as things move further away they look smaller, so you need big molding to make the right impression.

•  Window casement
The homeowner liked the flexibility of the of the two inch faux wood blind because the windows can be opened by pulling on one string. However, without casement molding the windows look unfinished. We finished the windows by adding casement molding around the window and a valence header at the top of the window. The valence can be removed by unscrewing two L brackets, should the blind ever need to be removed. The inside of the window is painted white and all the trim is painted white so the window looks like a shutter when it is finished but it offers the freedom of a blind. The white pops against the grey to make a fabulous minimalist statement.

•  Furniture Placement
This model is a Gardenia and we placed the furniture so that the living room is open. The sofa and love seat are charcoal gray which gives this monochromatic room depth. The recliner that is looking inward toward the room is a medium gray color that adds a bit more depth. The corner accent chair looking inward is a soft grew tweed mix that keeps the lightness but adds texture. The white marble side tables add another texture to the space but keep it light and the silver coffee table adds shimmer. The lamps are metal and glass with creamy textural shades.

•  Rug
The rug is a light gray on gray with a soft pattern that creates more textural interest and hides traffic patterns. The rug was cut to fit the space exactly as the homeowners wanted.

•  TV
The TV was placed on a black console opposing the love seat. The TV can be viewed from the kitchen as well.

•  Art
Practicing the minimalist ideals does not allow for too much art. Art can be a distraction from simplicity so if a piece is chosen it is significant, thoughtful, and usually personal. The homeowners loved the large mirror over the sofa. The mirror appears to be a shimmery iridescent charcoal that reflects but not too much to be off putting as a focal point. We balanced the large mirror wall with another decorative mirror of black and silver. The two mirrors make the room feel calm and restful.

•  One color pop
Minimalism will allow for one pop of color! The homeowners chose a large tray of pinky red open roses. They are beautiful and they look and feel real. The art of minimalism is practicing restraint. There is no just picking things up on a whim from a shopping trip. Instead, each piece that is added to the room is added with mindfulness.

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