Creative Engineering

I have never been very good in math and I am fine with that. I don’t see the numbers in my head and I have a hard time keeping track of them while attempting to cipher. My math teachers always encouraged me to practice and I would get better at math because, “you can’t carry a calculator around all the time”, they would say. No one could have known at that time that we would have the ability to carry our calculators, cameras, and a phone with us at all times. I even have a self-centering tape measure so that I can quickly find the middle of any thing that I am measuring. Modern technology has filled in the gaps of my creative mind and though I cannot see numbers I see fully decorated spaces. I have the ability to create rooms from those things that I see in my mind thus becoming the Yin to the mathematical Yang. Let’s take a peek into the dining room of Begonia model that was transformed into a modern blue lagoon somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Engineers meet the DecoratorA Blue Lagoon with Awesome Art - Interior Design - in the Villages of Florida.
The homeowners on this project were both engineers. They had accomplished a lot by the time I arrived on the scene but they were seeking advice on how to finish the spaces. They were great at explaining that they wanted a modern coastal look. They had the modern pieces but now we had to add in the coastal.

• Floating buffet
The homeowners had installed a floating buffet that was almost as long as the dining room wall. Though the buffet is long, the space felt light and bright because the buffet was floating there were no legs to take up space and the white color kept it light. This type of piece is very unique and provides lots of storage.

• Started with the rug
I tend to start a space with art but in this case I started the space with the rug. The rug under the table has been popular this season because it looks coastal and bright. The swirling tones and hues of blue create movement and light in the space. The rug looks amazing and shows well against the white buffet. Also, the pattern can be seen through the glass top table.

• Art
The art is one of the most exciting things about this space. The two pieces were privately commissioned by a local abstract artist. To choose the size that would look great in the space the homeowners used large cardboard cutouts to get a feeling for what would fit on the wall. They determined that each piece could be 60”high by 30” wide. The wall is large and needs large art. The artist customized the abstracts by using the colors in the rug for inspiration. Once the abstracts are painted they are coated with a shiny resin that brings out the richness of the painted canvas.

• Mirrors
The Begonia model only has one small window in the kitchen. I like to add light back into the space by hanging mirrors in the dining room that oppose the same mirrors in the eat-in kitchen. The mirrors reflect light off each other and keep the spaces bright. The homeowner found two large mirrors on line and they look great in the space.

• Chandelier
The chandelier is very unique. It looks like a lighted ribbon suspended in the air. The light is one continuous LED that gives great light and is dimmable. This chandelier is a great combination of beauty and function.

• Accessories
To accessorize the buffet, I suggested very tall candlesticks at each end of the buffet. The homeowners took that idea and went shopping. They were able to find three very tall candle sticks that were placed in the back corner of the buffet. Then they found a single large candle stick that was tall and had a unique shape at a second hand shop. They painted the candlestick a deep blue inspired by the rug and the art. It looks so good and the asymmetry works well in the space. They placed a mother and child figuring statue in the center of the buffet between the two art pieces. Finally, they added two special pieces of blown glass and a set of customized coasters from the artist. It was just enough accessorizing to complete the space.

• Finished look
The finished look of the space looks modern and inviting. The rug is a durable wool rug under the table and the leather chairs will clean up easily. Altogether, the space looks fabulous and is highly functional.

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