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The poster bed has uncertain and veiled origins as far back as the time of the pharaohs in Egypt. The modern-day version of the poster bed can be traced back to Austria in the 12th century and it was used strictly for utilitarian purposes such as privacy and to keep the cold at bay. As time marched on the bed became a symbol of wealth, decadence, and membership to an exclusive class of people. Slowly over time and with the movement of nations through trade routes the four-poster bed was a great resource to hold netting and keep mosquitos at bay on the islands. Today we appreciate the fourposter bed in many forms from traditional to modern, the bed is still a prominent and stylized choice for many spaces. Let’s peek into the master bedroom of a Mandevilla Model to see how a four-poster bed can elevate the traditional British West Indies design somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

•  The BedAfter, Master bedroom of a Mandevilla Model, Home Décor by Ruth Dyer - in the Villages of Florida.
The room started with the bed. The bed is a traditional take on a four-poster bed with a British West Indies inspiration. The posts are engraved vines, and the base of the posts look like a pineapple, a popular indicator of wealth back in the day. The headboard is an arch and at the top of the arch a fan shell is highlighted which was inspired by the French Regency Era, one of the most popular styles of furniture to this day! The dark mahogany wood was the wood of choice for so many furniture makers in the islands, so it is appropriate that the bed is the color dark mahogany.

•  Bedding
The bedding starts with a white coverlet. The white coverlet is a vintage matelassé from the King Charles Collection which is so soft and comfy for sleeping. Also, the coverlet is very washable. The homeowner wanted to play up a tropical vibe which goes with this bed fabulously and he chose a tropical collection from Tommy Bahama. The base color of the printed coverlet is deep navy blue. The palm fronds are green with soft coral and orange colors that complement the navy color so well. The coverlet is folded over in quarters and placed at the end of the bed as a pop of print and color. We placed three cabana striped Euros along the back of the headboard, and they really pop against the mahogany color. The queen shams that match the set are placed in front of the Euro pillows and a few decorative pillows finish the top of the bed. The bed looks luxurious and inviting.

•  White side panels
The room needed the softness and luxury of side panels, but they did not need to be fancy. We chose white side panels that were installed all the way to the ceiling. When side panels are hung high, they draw the eye up elongating the space and further complementing the height of the four-poster bed. Typically, one might choose a pinch pleat curtain for a traditional room, but we chose a grommet. The grommet curtains had a blackout lining which made them hang like a professionally made curtain and the grommets create nice, neat folds that customers prefer. These curtains look beautiful off the rack!

•  How to hang the curtains
We hang the curtains high to make the room look taller and we hang them wide to make the window look bigger. The side panel is installed so that the edge of the panel just grazes the side of the window opening. They are installed to be stationary for decorating use only. If someone was interested in using them rather than blinds, they would need more side panels to completely cover the window when closed.

•  Nightstands
The homeowner had one large nightstand and one small nightstand which is not unusual for an eclectic home. When you have one large nightstand be sure to place it in the farthest corner from the door. This position will minimize the size of the nightstand and make the room look more in proportion even though the nightstands are different sizes. The smallest nightstand should be placed on the side of the bed that is nearest the door.

•  Large lamps
I love the mix of styles and eras in this room. Not everything is traditional, but most things are, and the lamps are a mixture of both. The lamps are ceramic with a rough drip glazed finish and they are navy blue and black. The lamps look older, but the lamp shade is a drum shade which is modern. The mixture of new and old pieces creates a more curated look over time.

•  Art
In keeping with an elevated British West Indies look the artwork needs to be a coordinated mix of different cultures. The picture over the bed is a watercolor of a panda with some Chinese symbols. The turtle on the side wall is a nod to the islands and the trade routes. The picture on the side wall is an oil painting of a bird and it is framed in a gilded gold frame that is a nod to the Rococo style of décor popularized during the reign of King Louis XV.

•  Accessories
The accessories follow the same path as the art. You will find Foo Dogs, carved stone, and Llad’o adoring the side tables.

•  Rug
Though we have elevated the space we want it to feel casual and approachable. We achieved that feeling by adding a 5×8 sisal rug under the bed. The rug was placed at an angle because the entry doors to this room are double doors. The angled rug visually pulls you into the space so that you want to see more.
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