Flat line

Websters dictionary defines flat line as, “to be in a state of no progress or advancement”. In the world of decorating this principle can be demonstrated when a homeowner unwittingly buys everything in one color. They might tell themselves they were going for a monochromatic look, but the truth is they are deep in their safe zone and too afraid to make a mistake by buying a color that might clash. You can’t go wrong if you buy a brown lamp for a brown table, right? This happens more often than not, and it often happens to those who are part time residents. The fear of wasting money or the viewpoint that this is just my “getaway”, not my home will alter your perspective on how you purchase things for that home. However, one season you will return to your southern nest and say, “Why is everything in my house the same color?” You usually must introduce a second or third color to give the space light and contrast and you can do it without wasting money. Let’s take a peek into the living room of a Gardenia model that was stuck in a safe zone and flat lining but has now come to life and light somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

  •  PaintLight bright and airy, Gardenia model, Interior Design - by Ruth Dyer.
The home needed a new wall color to lighten and update the space. We chose Biscuit SW 6211 which is a light peachy tan that adds lots of light to the space. The warm tones of the paint complimented all the dark furniture and worked well with the cabinetry in the kitchen. Remember, if you need to see which paint color works best before committing, it is best to buy sample sheets. These sample sheets can be moved around the space to see how the color works with the light in the space. There will be a clear winner each time!

  •  Crown molding
We installed seven-inch crown molding, and it looks amazing! All the trim in the house was painted white as well as the new molding. We chose the seven-inch crown because it shows better when the ceilings are nine feet and above. Installing crown molding will always be a great investment for the future sale of a home and it adds lightness and brightness to the space.

  •  Shutters
You may not be able to tell that the windows have shutters already because in the before picture the curtain is low over the top of the shutter. We removed the brown curtains and installed a crown molding header on the top of the shutter. This draws the eye up, makes the shutters look larger, and visually connects the windows to the sliding glass door treatment. Again, this is a good investment to the space by adding a visual enhancement to the windows and visually connecting them the large slider.

  •  Slider
The homeowners did not need a privacy treatment on the slider, so we removed it. We added four-inch casement molding to the sides of the slider and a large header at the top.
All of the molding and the interior wall from the molding to the slider was painted white so the window is completely cased in white, and the slider looks highlighted and finished. Also, the slider and the windows look visually cohesive.

  •  Furniture placement
The room was very dark because everything was brown. However, we did not need new furniture, we needed better furniture placement. We removed the table from the wall between the windows and opened up the room by moving one sofa to the wall between the two windows. Since this model is an open floor plan, it is nice to keep it open and the flow of traffic from dining room to lanai, to living room becomes very inviting.

  •  Rug
We added a splash of color with an 8×11 rug. This rug also covers the electrical outlet in the floor. This rug has bluish greens, browns and crème colors that visually tie the space together.

  •  Art
We added a large painting over the sofa that looks like a great beach in Florida. As well as two birds that are seen on a daily basis all over the golf courses and landscapes of The Villages. The large bright art ties visually to the rug and we purchased pillows from a local retailer that pop off the couch and work with the art and the rug.

  •  New lamps
We purchased new lamps in a green see-through glass with white shades. These lamps tie into all the colors in the room. I like that the light moves through the lamps since they are in front of windows. It adds a bit of shimmer to the space.

  •  New Chair
There is always room for an occasional chair when the room is opened up. We purchased a crème wing back from a local retailer and a small side table. This chair is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to move.

  •  Great investments
Even though this is a second home it looks so inviting and comfortable. Second homes don’t have to be spare or flat, they can be wonderful comfortable spaces that look great without overspending.
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