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There is some art that you look at with appreciation and then there is art that draws you in like a good book. The picture “Free Spirit” glows from within and is mesmerizing. The subject is a single mangrove growing from a sandbar off the coast of Islamorada. The sky appears as a mixture of teals in the horizon converging with the bright blue water of the gulf. A thin layer of white clouds dapples the point at which sky and water collide highlighting the subject in the foreground which is a mangrove tree. The water thins as it approaches the mesh of twisted mangroves and turns to the color of green glass. The sand around the base of the bush looks soft and sienna colored, glowing with the amber light of the sun. We often think of sunsets and birds as a way to infuse our homes with Florida but mangrove trees that surround Florida provide entire environments for wildlife to thrive. So then for those who love trees, once you see a mangrove there is no doubt you are in Florida country. Let’s take a peek at the dining room of a Begonia model that has been freshly infused with Florida, somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Remove the columnBegonia model, Dining-Room looks amazing after removing the columns, Interior Design - in the Villages of Florida.
This model had a divider column that was original to the dining room. The two columns created an arch and acted to visually delineate the dining room without putting up walls. The homeowner had the columns removed and the space looks so big. Tip: If you are installing new floor and have the columns, you should remove them before you install the new flooring. You won’t want to rip up new flooring if you decide to remove the columns later. Also, the cost is very affordable and thus far in my experience of removing them the columns are not weight bearing. Finally, it is one of the best updates that you can do to this model and the Gardenia models.

• Paint
The homeowners wanted a warm grey neutral palate for the home. They chose Popular Gray 6071 which is in the true greige family because it blends grey and browns. Tip: if you are trying grays out for the first time in your home, I would get the samples that stick on the wall and see how the light affects each choice. Light is what brings out the different tones in colors. Popular Gray can show pinkish undertones in certain light. Samples are the best way to pick the perfect gray.

• Luxury Vinyl
The homeowner wanted one type of flooring throughout the entire house and they chose luxury vinyl by Fusion. This luxury vinyl has so much character and looks a bit rustic but still maintains a design neutral position. The character lines in the boards make them look super realistic and the flooring can go into the bathroom and laundry room.

• Bright white trim
In order for gray to really pop, there needs to be plenty of bright white trim in the space. All of the trim and doors were painted Extra White 7006 and it pops with the Popular Gray.

• Rug
The homeowner chose an 8×11 rug that fit the space nicely and blended all the colors in the space together. When the columns are removed the space is so big that you need a rug to make it feel cozy and the rug should provide visual connections to other things in the space.

• Large mirror
The Begonia does not have a window in the kitchen to capture light but a mirror still looks the best on the wall opposing the kitchen. The homeowner chose a large mirror with a very large frame and it looks fantastic in the space. Though it is not reflecting the light from the kitchen window, it is still capturing a lot of light and it makes the end of the table seem more spacious as you walk behind the chair.

• Very large buffet
The buffet in the space is very special. The finish is a distressed teal color and it almost fills the entire wall. It provides so much storage and it is sturdy because it is real wood. I love that the homeowner was able to get so much storage in the space and have a unique finish on such a unique piece.

• Live edge table
The dining table is also very unique because it has a live edge. The live edge is the rough bark of the tree that has been left untouched in its natural state. The live edge looks different on every table because each tree is different. Four of the dining chairs are crème colored with a plain fabric for the guests. The host and hostess chair have printed fabric that works with all the blues in the space ranging from teal to navy blue.

• Free Spirit
“Free Spirit” is the canvas that is 60wide by 40 high and hangs above the buffet. One large amazing piece of art is all a space like this needs to make it feel complete.

• Accessories
The sideboard received two lamps that again pull all the colors that we used in the space. The two lamps on the buffet will provide ambient light when the homeowners don’t need the chandelier. Antique crockery is nestled in with the lamps and adds that vintage touch to the space.

• Chandelier
The homeowner chose a unique Edison Bulb chandelier that works with all the vintage touches.

• Hot pink orchids
The table received a runner that pulls the teal color and on top of that we placed an arrangement of fuscia orchids. The hot pop of pink in the space looks so nice with the teals and blues.

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