Fresh Face

My approach to design is classic. I want to create a home that will stand the test of time. This does not mean that you will never change things. Instead, it means that when you do change things you don’t have to change everything. I like to pick paint that will stand the test of time by keeping the paint fairly neutral. Even the blue colors that I choose are considered fundamentally neutral. It is always fun when I get a call back from a homeowner to add some freshness to a design that was done eight years ago. I love that the fundamentals are there but we just need a few different pops of color. Let’s take a peek into the living room of a two story villa that received a fresh look just in time for spring somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Eight years agoPops of Blue and a bead board Ceiling - Interior Design - in the Villages of Florida.
When I first met the homeowners eight years ago, they wanted an eclectic mix of things and we used her new rug as inspiration for the room. We pulled rusty orange, browns, and golds from the rug to use as colors throughout the space. Also, we were able to use just a hint of navy blue which we pulled from the rug as well.

• Furniture Placement
Basically, the furniture placement remained the same. The room was so long that to create an intimate space we angled the sofa into the room. The sofa defined the living room area and we were able to angle in a recliner while keeping the club chair. The wall opposing the sofa received some updated wing back chairs to complete the entire seating space in the living room. This room can seat seven people and there is still room to pull dining room chairs into the space.

• Dining room
The dining room set up is great and remained the same except for two things.
The homeowner wanted to replace the chandelier and we replaced it with the small Beau Orb. Also, the existing buffet was in great shape but to freshen it we added a remnant of granite to the top of the buffet. The buffet and table are dark, so we chose a granite remnant with lots of white to have cut to fit the top of the buffet. The new granite made the space feel bright and fresh. Also, the granite makes the top of the buffet very useable.

• Ceiling
The homeowners were tired of the popcorn but did not want to go through having the ceiling scraped. They contracted to have bead board applied to the ceiling. The bead board was applied over the popcorn so there was no need to scrape the ceiling. The finished look is amazing! The application of bead board is more expensive but definitely worth it. I am having it applied to my ceiling right now and I cannot wait until it is finished.

• Headers
During the first makeover 8 years ago we added shutters to the windows. This time we added headers to the shutters. The headers add a nice finish to the shutters and make the windows look bigger.

• Rug
The homeowners wanted a new rug and they wanted more blue in the space. They chose an 8×11 rug with swirls of crème, and light and dark blue that created an abstract movement of color. The rug makes a statement and pops in the space.

• New chairs
The homeowners wanted more comfortable seating for their guest so we upgraded the two occasional chairs. The two new chairs are an updated wing back style and they are very comfortable.

• Art
We were able to move the boats pictures to the wall with the two chairs and they looked great in their new space. At the end of the large wall we installed a big blue heron titled, “The Guardian” by Gene Rizzo. Finally, we placed “Free Spirit” by Alan Maltz at the center of attention on the large wall. The brilliant blues and light in the photo art made the entire room come to life. The canvas is 60”wide by 40” high but we still had space to fill on each side of the canvas, the wall was so large. Don’t be afraid to use large art. The large art makes a big statement that looks uncluttered.

• Sconces
We had room to install candle sconces on each side of the large picture. We added two on each side. I love candle light but I don’t love the idea of accidentally forgetting to blow out a candle. I always use the electric luminara candles that can be turned on and off with a remote. They look completely real and make life easy.

• Lamps
We added two new lamps to finish the space and make the room feel complete. The lamps are glazed with layers of blue and they are nice and tall for reading.

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