Guest Room for Fall

Well it is November and fall is in full swing! It does not have to be cool for us to crave pumpkin and spice because we know the calendar says November. With the turn of the calendar we know that we have about two and half weeks to prepare the guest room for visitors. If you are not having guest until December then you have about six weeks to make your rooms ready to receive guests. Either way don’t let another season go by with a guest room that is forgotten. Often times the guest room is the catch all room for the old left over furniture, so it is not taken seriously. From my experience, many people think they cannot finish a room until they purchase new furniture but that could not be further from the truth. In the world of decorating, no matter what the age of the guest room furniture set there is always room to make a space feel finished and inviting.
Let’s take a peek into the one of the guest bedrooms of a St. Charles that is ready and waiting for Thanksgiving to arrive, somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• PaintAfter Image of St. Charles - Guest Bedroom - Light and Inviting!
The room had the original paint on the wall which was a flat finish. Flat finishes absorb light. The eggshell or satin finish allows the walls to reflect light and bounce around the space making all things including the walls look nicer. We did add a bit more color to the walls by applying the color Biscuit 6112. This color is a warm tannish, soft peachy, gold.

• Molding
The windows in this room had working white blinds so we decided to keep the blinds and add casement molding to the windows. The sides of the window received a three-inch casement molding and the top of the window received a crown molding header. Since the two windows are so close together the molding helps to frame out a stunning presentation that draws the eye right to the corner of the room.

• Art
The art is what really set the tone in this guest bedroom. The homeowner’s mother was a fabulous artist. She painted four of the pieces of art in the space. All of the pictures had a different subject matter but they all had one color in common. Each piece had pops of celadon green. I decided that using celadon green in the additions to the space would be the key to pulling it altogether.

• New art
The homeowners liked two celadon green pictures of leaves that we added to the focal wall above the bed. They worked very well with the original art in the space. We hung them at a stagger because the bed is not centered on the wall. The staggering of the art balanced the asymmetry of the focal wall.

• Bedding
The bedding would definitely pull it all together but I did not want a bed in a bag for this space. I chose to go with a more collected and curated look. The bedding was combined piece by piece from three different retailors. We used a white coverlet as the starting point of the bed making. White coverlets are washable and light weight. I like the white ruffled Euro pillows along the back of the bed. They add height to the headboard which was a bit too low to support large pillows for presentation. We added more white queen size shams generously stuffed with pillows in front of the white Euro pillows. I found a medium size pillow with a celadon leaf pattern on a background of white and we placed that in the center of the white shams. I found a small pillow made of burlap with a white gro-grain ribbon that created a diamond like pattern. Finally, I found a pillow with many greens and other colors all embroidered in a leaf pattern on the front of the pillow. I placed this pillow in front of the burlap so that we get see part of each pillow. I found a coverlet in a perfect celadon green which I folded up and placed at the end of the bed as a bed scarf to pop color. I finished the bed with a ruffled bed skirt in a white chiffon overlay. Once the bed was made the space took on a bed and breakfast inn look which is very inviting.

• New lamps
The room needed new lamps because it needed a touch more color. The lamps are white and celadon green glazed. The look is very light but very effective in pulling the room together.

• Rug
The rug is amazing and I love it! The rug is a 5×8 sisal rug with a backing. We laid it in on an angle so that it visually pulls you into the space. This sisal rug is soft, natural and adds much needed texture to the space.

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