Luxury Defined

I usually look to the Websters Dictionary for word definitions. However, this week I am leaning on the Cambridge Dictionary to define the word luxury because I think it provides a very clear definition of the word. Cambridge defines luxury as, “great comfort especially as provided by expensive and beautiful things”. That is the exact definition of the kitchen we are looking at this week. The footprint of the kitchen did not change. The counter did not get lowered and yet this kitchen is amazing and full of expensive and beautiful things! Let’s peek inside the kitchen of this Lantana Model to see how it represents luxury defined somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

  •  Keep the Footprintshowing the island and focal back, Lantana Model, kitchen, Interior Design - by Ruth Dyer.
I know that it is popular to lower the bar and make a straight island but that is not always necessary if you like the footprint of your kitchen. If you change the footprint of the kitchen, you will need more flooring to fill in the vacant spaces that are left by changing the line of the island. Sometimes if you don’t have enough flooring you will need to replace all the flooring in the main body of the house and that creates a problem with budgeting. You should only change the footprint if it will make the function of the kitchen better. The Lantana homeowners liked the footprint of the kitchen, but they wanted it to be as luxurious as their kitchen up north. We replaced all the old cabinets with new cabinets, and the new cabinets received new quartz countertops. All new high-end appliances were purchased as well.

  •  Inset cabinets
Inset cabinets are doors and headers that fit inside the cabinet frame. This provides a sleek and streamlined look that can work with traditional to modern taste. This type of cabinetry takes much more skill to create and install than regular overlay cabinetry. The price will be higher, but you are most certainly guaranteed quality due to the type of construction to make this cabinetry work and perform for a long time. All the sides and ends of the cabinets received an inlaid panel so that everything looks finished and custom.

  •  Drawers galore
The homeowners chose to get as many drawers as possible. Most of my clients are choosing more drawers because it is easier to see and access all the things in a drawer. There are no more dead corners to dig around in hurting your knees as you struggle to reach that fondue pot you use once every ten years. There are hidden pull-out drawers on each side of the oven and a wonderful lazy Susan that will not allow anything to fall in the back deep part of the cabinet.

  •  Quartz counter tops
The countertops are quartz named Serenata from Pompeii Quartz. This quartz is white with large grey veins and some thin veins running through it so that it looks even and pleasing to the eye. Quartz countertops are a great choice when you need the colors to blend nicely, and they give the kitchen a bit of modern freshness.

  •  Tile Backsplash
The homeowners loved the tile backsplash that was in their kitchen up north and decided to repeat it in their Florida home. The pattern is a Harlequin pattern and is installed all the way up the back wall and behind the hood vent. The subtle pattern of grey and light grey stone worked well with the quartz and put the homeowner’s signature on the kitchen.

  •  Luxury Appliances
So often when purchasing new appliances my clients want to make sure they all match in name and finish. However, if they don’t match in name then they should match in finish. These appliances all match in finish but not in name. The refrigerator is a Sub-Zero and it is a beautiful appliance that is so well designed. The Sub-Zero is larger than most refrigerators so the cabinetry was customized to house it for a sleek tight fit. The stove and cooktop are by Wolfe, and it is beautiful to look at and I am sure just as great for cooking. The special hood vent looks great above the stove and adds a nice pop to the focal point of the kitchen. The dishwashers are drawer dishwashers by Fisher and Paykel, and I love the function of drawer dishwasher. The sink is a farm sink with an exposed stainless-steel apron that adds a pop of interest to the island. The faucet is a tall gooseneck with exposed spring which adds a bit of an industrial flare but also this faucet is highly functioning for the serious cook.

  •  Front of island
The front of the island received a simple shaker style wainscot that was painted white. The homeowners added a special touch of steel corbels around the island. Again, the corbels added a touch of the industrial look but not too much. I like the way the stainless corbels visually connect with all the stainless steel in the kitchen.

  •  Pendants
The island is lit by three pendants of clear glass. I like that the pendants provide light without getting in the way visually.

  •  Round rug
We placed a round rug in the kitchen that is dyed jute, and it is royal blue. The rug just pops color in the neutral kitchen and provides so much softness for the chef of the house.Call Ruth your full service decorator at: 352-804-2056
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