Powerful Updates Two

Last week I wrote about powerful updates that will help to sell a house. I think this villa is such a great example of how the right updates will move a property through the market quickly. I have been working on this villa since 2011. Each season the homeowner would request a project that improved the home. Finally, when they put the home on the market the home and its contents sold for almost full asking price within one hour of being listed on the internet. This house is a great example of no matter what is happening in the market, having the home so well maintained and styled it was irresistible to buyers. This week I want to show you the kitchen which I have shown before but I want to highlight the principles of aging in a place that provided added value to this Stoney Brook model kitchen somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

New Large Islandlight, bright, and sellable, Stoney Brook model kitchen.
The challenge in this kitchen was the island was too small to function well as an eating area. Also, the dining room was so close to the island and the sliding glass door that it always felt tight and clustered when moving through the space. The solution to changing this kitchen into a highly functioning space was to create a large 109” island. This new island would function as a great work surface and has extra storage space below. Most importantly, the island can seat six people comfortably or eight if you use the end of the island near the stove. The walking flow is good and there is no confusion about where to stand or where to sit when there is one great choice in front of you.

  •  Aging in place
Aging in place is a concept that everyone will be hearing about in home planning and home design in the future. It is the concept of creating your home so that you can stay at home if you should have a change in your mobility or abilities to perform everyday tasks. This is very important in kitchen design because we should be adding things that make life easier and safer as we age. In all the kitchens that I re-design drawers are the top request. A drawer allows you to pull out the drawer and look down into the drawer to see everything that you may be trying to find. If you are tall or have new knees or hips you will love the comfort of drawers! Drawers create one motion which is to pull out the drawer. We usually plan to have one cabinet for tall things if the homeowner needs a cabinet for tall things. I cannot talk enough about how important drawers are in a new updated kitchen. Finally, if you do not have a trash pullout in the kitchen then add one. All updated kitchens have a concealed trash pullout, and it will be expected from a potential homebuyer.

  •  Upper cabinets
The homeowner wanted to have some wine storage in the kitchen so we replaced the upper cabinets with new taller cabinets that would accommodate the wine and add lots of height to the space. The cabinetry above the microwave was elevated to match the new height of the new cabinets so that we have one block of cabinets high and one block of cabinets slightly lower. This type of stagger looks great with the ceiling line of this villa and makes the kitchen look much larger. You may not use the tallest part of the cabinetry for everyday items, but they will accommodate long term storage. The new taller cabinets add a custom look to the space and taller cabinets draw the eye upward which makes the kitchen appear larger.

  •  Door style and color
The door style that you use makes a statement so choose a statement that fits you. These homeowners are classically elegant, and they chose the shaker door style in bright white. This door style will never go out of style. Ever! I know that there is a lot of content from the internet, magazines and papers about what color to use when buying a new kitchen. The content makers will talk about buying different colors for your kitchen, however my client base, which is in The Villages, usually chooses a version of white for their new kitchen. This is because kitchens cost real life money, and they don’t want a kitchen that will look dated or lose value in the home. Also, my customers want light bright and airy, and you can only get that with white. Over twenty years I have only brightened kitchens I have never sold a kitchen that is dark, ever! I have brightened dark cabinetry by adding light countertops. I think it is great to experiment if you have the money, but my clients usually just want a new kitchen that will be affordable and look amazing for years to come.

  •  Quartz
This homeowner wanted quartz countertops and I think they look amazing! She chose to use white quartz with grey veining on the perimeter cabinetry and on the buffet. The white quartz was also used as the backsplash for a seamless and high-end look. For the island, she chose grey quartz with white veining, and it looks perfectly coordinated. Lots of people want to experiment and try something different on the island but if you don’t like your choices, it can be a costly experiment. I like that the homeowner tried something different, but it was not so off the charts that it would have broken the budget if she was unhappy with her choice. Reversing the colors works great for being different. As a home update quartz and granite are equal in added value so it is really whatever you like!

  •  New stove
The final thing that adds more comfort towards aging in place is a stove with the lower knobs. If you have any trouble with mobility or shoulder pain reaching over the stove is difficult. The knobs in front make life a bit easier and safer for aging in place. Also, they allow you to see more of the pretty backsplash.

  •  Buffet
The buffet in front of the windows will be going with the homeowners and the new homeowners could add one or leave the space blank.
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