Seeking Sanctuary

Since I am not retired, I am not accustomed to staying at home with my husband for such long periods of time. I am sure there are many readers who already know this, but for me it is a new discovery that being home shines a light on which half of the couple does not put things away! Now I am not pointing fingers, but if we were spinning a dial for a game the red arrow would land on someone in my house who does not write this column. Usually, I put whatever item is left out away and move on but it is really hard to do that when we are both home together for so long. To that end I have chosen photo documentation as a way to prove that “scissors found on counter and three phones out of bases” are not being made up, due to the confinement. Instead of finding the other person to tell them, I take a picture with my cell phone and text it to the other person in our home. The photo is then indisputable and not just an accusation. It is no wonder that the other person seeks sanctuary by binge watching “Ozark” with his headphones on! For those of you who seek sanctuary in a fabulous and tidy master bedroom, let’s take a peek at the master bedroom of the Bonifay Model from last week’s column somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• PaintLight and Bright after image.
The color blue is scientifically known to have a calming effect on a space and people too! If you’re wondering if blue could be neutral the answer is yes. We chose a green based blue that comes from the SW fundamentally neutral line; Rain washed 6211. I have used Rainwashed for many years and it is always a soothing, rich, beautiful blue.

• Windows
We wanted the windows to stay clean and neat but stand out. We added casement molding and a header on top of the double window. This treatment allowed us to use the existing blind but still get the look of a shutter. The sliding glass door in the bedroom had an existing vertical blind. We covered the mechanics of the blind at the top with a white wood cornice that resembles the header on the window. Though the windows are covered with different privacy treatments in the same room; the trim molding headers and wood cornice provide visual continuity.

• Two Arched Mirrors
It is no secret that I like the reflective value of mirrors. Mirrors provide brightness and lightness in any space so feel free to use plenty! In this master bedroom I hung two large arch mirrors side by side on the wall between the window and slider. These mirrors provide architecture and light which collectively looks like art. We hung these two mirrors over a large bench reflecting the longest run in the bedroom. We did this so that the homeowner could stand far back and check out their look before they head out the door.

• A Big Bench
We placed a long bench beneath the two arched mirrors for three reasons. One reason was for the homeowners to have a place to put on their shoes. The second was to have a place to store the extra bedding at night. The third reason was for guests who visit when the homeowners are not in town to have a place to put their open luggage should they not want to unpack.

• More Mirrors
I like to make the focal point grand and just art and lamps is not always enough. I hung two mirrors behind the night stands to reflect the light of the lamps and enhance the wall by making the focal point larger. The lamps fall in the middle oval just right and the green glass looks amazing with art work and bedding.

• No Negative Space
The night stands are great but the large opening at the bottom just leaves room for lots of visual clutter. We measured the opening and purchased baskets on line to fit the space. Now anything that the homeowner wants to store can be contained and out of site.

• Storage Bed and Bedding
The storage bed is great and eliminates the need for a box spring. I like the small footboard and drawers at the end for easy accessibility. The bedding is a mixture of colors from a local retailer. We always start with white and then add the “pop” of colors all pulled from the art!

• Art
The art above the bed is a print titled, “Wish you were here”. We purchased it in a custom size so that we could fit it above the high headboard. The colors of the photo inspired the entire room.

• Rug
We installed an 8’x11’ rug under the bed and once again all the colors of the rug where inspired by the artwork above the bed. The rug provides ample room for feet to land on something soft when getting out of bed.

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Before and After Pics Below