Would you like fries with that? “Yes, please and make them large,” I replied. Who can resist waffle fries with their healthy chicken wrap? Would you like a large drink as well? The young lady with the I-pad asked. Of course, please make it sweet tea. She responded by saying, “My pleasure, you may pull forward.” And I felt the hospitality wash over me like a warm embrace. The words my pleasure are so much broader than the words Thank you. Websters dictionary defines pleasure as a source of delight or joy. The words, “My pleasure” say I have a vested interest in making you happy! So then, I enjoy the super-sized words when I receive my super-sized fries and I will go back for more! There is something to be said for super-size especially in the world of decorating and it is often my pleasure to super-size home décor! Let’s take a peek into a dining room that received a super-size treatment and it was my pleasure to help make that happen somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

  •  BeforeBright, Light and Dramatic, dining room, Super-Sized, Finishing Touch - by Ruth Dyer.
The before dining room was fine but it was rather plain, and the homeowners wanted it to change. They were looking for a bit more drama in the space and I think we accomplished that by super sizing and amplifying the art, the mirrors, and the chandelier.

  •  Wainscot before and after
The dining room had a wainscot in the before picture that was just a chair rail and below the rail the wall was painted a greenish tan. We had the woodworker add trim molding to the wall to create boxes and we painted the wainscot white from the top of the chair rail to the base board, everything is painted white. This makes the dining room visually connect to the other white molding in the space. Also, the white wainscot creates a light visual grounding that will allow all the things above it to shine.

  •  Mirrors
The mirrors in the before picture are very attractive, but they were not tall enough. When you look into the mirrors expecting to see the view of the golf course, the view was partially cut off at the top and the eye wanted to see more. We purchased loft mirrors that mimic large warehouse windows. These mirrors come in different heights, and we selected the mirrors that are 20 inches wide by 60 inches high. We needed four of these mirrors installed one inch apart to create the desired effect.
With the larger mirrors, the view was complete, and the wall was filled with extra light. The space felt bigger, brighter, and better! It is impossible to have a mirror that is too big! Mirrors reflect light and therefore the more mirror, the more light. Super-sized!

  •  Large art
The picture of the boat is a really nice picture, and we found a new home for it. We needed a larger and bolder piece of art to match the bold statement that the mirrors were making in the space. The homeowners loved the picture, “Free Spirit” by Alan Maltz. This bold photograph is displayed in the stunning size of 60 inches wide by 40 inches high. The bold colors and the bold size match the visual weight of the mirrors and the color brings the space to life.

  •  Chandelier
The homeowner really wanted a new chandelier and I love her choice. The large rectangle is hung on the diagonal to match the table and it is shiny chrome. I always promote a chandelier that makes a statement and is open. This chandelier has nice lines, and it is open so that you can see through to the light of the mirrors.

  •  Dining table chairs
The fabric on the dining table chairs was a faux leather and had begun peeling. We had them recovered in a plush performance fabric that is easy to clean. The chairs originally had a nail head surround but to replace that was too expensive, so we added a welt to the chair in its own fabric and the chairs look lighter and brighter.

  •  Runner and flowers
We changed the table runner to tie into the blue of the artwork. Finally, we remade the orchid arrangement in a new glass piece that looks like a shell.
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