The Power of Focus

Last week we talked about the power of having a focal point in the room. We described the focal point as the largest wall or a wall with architectural detail. This week we will see a large wall and architectural detail combined to create an awesome focal point! This room visually expands as it takes a fresh breath of life with a new paint color and lots of molding. Let’s explore the living room transformation of this St. Charles model as it steps into the light somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• The PlanImage of a St. Charles model - Finishing Touch - Home Décor by Ruth Dyer
Yes this is the same house in the before and after! The homeowner wanted a complete overhaul. She was ready to lighten up and she wanted to change all the furniture and accessories. She wanted me to help give her ideas on molding, wall color, and other general ideas and then she ran with it to transform the space completely.

• Focal Wall
The entertainment unit was sold and the homeowner wanted one long console with the TV hanging on the wall. However, the wall in a St. Charles is huge and would need something. Her original idea was to install molding about two thirds up the wall to break the wall up and hang the TV just under the molding. The plan changed the day the installers were at the house and they tried a few different things but landed on the focal wall that you see in the after picture. The whole wall is a series of boxes created by adding flat molding to the wall to create the boxes. The entire wall was painted white for a sophisticated and clean presentation of the focal wall that will stand the test of time. The large TV was mounted on the wall and the console is so big that there was room for a lamp on each side of the TV. Don’t shy away from this if you don’t have a Premier home, this will work in any home with a focal wall that needs attention. The goal is a clean crisp focus.

• Larger and Less
How do we get crisp focus you ask? Use larger items and less of them. In the before picture there was a traditional large entertainment unit that was beautiful. We could have repainted the house and called it a day but the homeowner wanted a complete change and she did change by using larger items and less of them. The architecture took the place of the entertainment unit and became the focal point, while the TV and console are supporting actors to the architectural wall. When the homeowner shopped for accessories she kept the idea of larger and less in mind. Three large pots on a tray adorn the coffee table. One very large tree was allowed to stay and notice the orchids are big and beautifully presented as you enter the space.

• Windows
These windows are a great example of window treatments vs. molding. I love fabric and textiles but they are expensive and often homeowners chose fabrics that go with only the current home décor, rather than choosing something that will be more neutral. If you spend money on window treatments that will not stand the test of time then you run the risk of wasting money and buying something that will end up in the molding guys dumpster when you want change. The large windows in this living room look out over a beautiful pool and water view. The old window treatments had become a heavy eyebrow that visually drew the window down and imposed themselves into the view. All the window treatments were removed and casement molding was installed. The homeowner did not want traditional molding; instead she wanted her molding to have a more simplistic line. The windows turned out beautifully and the view is now encased in a large white picture frame that draws the eye up and out. Also, this is money that will never end up in a dumpster because it will stand the test of time.

• Paint
The house had to be completely repainted, including the ceilings. Paint is so important to get right because it is an investment in the home. Also, the walls are a vast majority of the square footage in the home. The homeowner chose the color Popular Grey SW 6071 to cover all the walls in every room. This is a grey with an undertone of brown so it is a warm grey. This grey looks amazing with white, so amazing! That is probably why it is so popular.

• Chandelier
The homeowner decided to use a large chandelier in the living room rather than a fan and it looks so good. I know that most people use fans and they are great! I just love the opportunity to show something different and big!

• Rug is on the way
The rug will be a large 10’ by 14’ rug and it is on the way but I could not wait to write about this room any longer!

• What about color
The homeowner may add more color one day but for now she is just enjoying the lack of brown everywhere. However, the space is neutral enough that she could pull a variety of accents when she is ready. Rome was not built in a day!

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Before and After Pics Below