Time on Our Hands

Time on our hands is something the majority of us have in common right now. Many will occupy themselves by reading a good book. While many people will binge watch shows on streaming networks. There will be lots of quilting, painting, stamping, and glass art making for all the crafters who are stuck inside. This is going to be a super creative time for all those creative types. Then there are the others….the HGTV watchers! These times are the most dangerous for the person who loves home projects and decorating! I am a night owl by nature and the later the night goes for me, the bigger the ideas get. Last night I sat in my garage from midnight to one o’clock in the morning with tape measure and graph paper sketching out my plans and big ideas. Deep in the night everything is possible but before day turns into night it is nice to enjoy a beautiful sunset on a beautiful Gardenia model lanai, somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Sunset on CanvasLanai Living-Room and Dining-Room.
The lanai is divided into two sections; one is like an outdoor dining room and one is like an outdoor living room. The dining room had a large wall that needed a sunset canvas for the perfect sunset every night. The sunset is an indoor outdoor canvas in three sections. This type of art display is called a triptych and adds another layer of interest to the space. The canvas is an indoor/outdoor canvas and will stand up to the elements.

• Candle sconces
We wanted to add candle light to the space so we added two sets of PB hurricane wall sconces. These are great in any space and can be used outdoors. They are made out of iron and we sprayed them with clear polyurethane to add a layer of protection from the elements. We added indoor/outdoor Luminaria real flicker flame candles that can be turned on and off with a remote control. These indoor outdoor candles are made of plastic that looks like wax and I actually prefer them to the wax because the crème color is a real cream without any yellow. I would challenge anyone to tell that they are not real. They look perfect when they are flickering.

• Arched mirrors
Yes we used arched mirrors outside. When you live on the water or on the golf course and you have a great view, you should be able to see the view twice. We installed two large arches to reflect the water view back into the space. No matter where the homeowners turn they get a beautiful view. If you have been wondering what to do to your lanai consider a large mirror! The mirror is hung 30 inches off the ground for maximum view and light.

• Built in Fireplace
The house was built with the fireplace and the homeowners installed a TV above it.
The hearth is a great place for the avid gardener in the family to display natural potted plants. The fireplace screen is made of metal branches entwined with more luminaria candles.

• Curved sectional
The sectional is curved like a conversation sofa and provides a great deal of comfort in the space. This sectional is highly functional because it has connected side tables that everyone can use. Often, when a sectional is used the people in the middle don’t have a place to set their drink but this solves all those problems.

• Cabana stripes and palm tree print
The choices of fabrics on the sofa are wonderful. I love that the base cushions on the sofa are crème and does not have print. That allowed the homeowner to use pillows to make a statement. The large cabana stripe pillow looks great next to the solid pillow. A pop of palm leaf print finishes off the pillow display on the sofa. The ottoman received the same palm leaf print for a pop of color and high function. The ottoman fabric will hide lots of dirt.

• Indoor/outdoor rug
An indoor outdoor rug is in the homeowner’s future but they haven’t found the one that makes them swoon yet. Always add a rug where you can if you are planning your space today.

• Indoor/Outdoor curtains
We did not use indoor/outdoor curtains on this lanai. However, if you have the space to use indoor outdoor curtains they are a great addition to any outdoor space. Water drains off the curtain quickly and they do not fade! Many online retailers offer them as choice.

• Visual Bang For the Buck
Remember to make a visual difference that large items and less of them are what counts. Large art and large mirrors can make a real visual difference in a space.

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