Wicker Revival

Did you know that wicker dates back to the ancient Egypt? It was found in tombs buried with Pharaohs for use in the after-life. Wicker is an ancient weaving craft that utilized raw materials available from the land. Eventually, due to trade routes with Asia, wicker worked its way to the west and down to the islands. Wicker was embraced by the British Empire, India and the West Indies. Also, the Victorians loved wicker. The juxtaposition of an ornate chest sitting next to a wicker or rattan chair was irresistible and quite stylish. Wicker and Rattan have been proven to be timeless and highly functional pieces that could be added to any look thereby making it a classic. Let’s take a peek into the well curated lanai of a Lantana model to see how amazing timeless wicker looks against a golf course view somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Comfortable chairsInviting and Stylish with Wicker , Interior Design - in the Villages of Florida.
Wicker and Rattan chairs can be very comfortable and are a great approach to a casual look on an enclosed lanai. Since the lanai is enclosed I would use real wicker and rattan. You only need the plastic wicker if you have an open lanai. The real wicker and rattan have a richer look and the texture is nicer to the touch since it is natural. Natural wicker can be left the natural color or it can be stained a deeper color that is why it tends to look richer than the plastic wicker. These homeowners placed two natural wicker chairs in their natural color together on the lanai. To round out the seating area they placed a darker chunkier wicker chair looking toward the two natural chairs. If you have an enclosed lanai, don’t be afraid to combine wicker and soft side furniture such as a regular indoor wingback chair because the lanai is enclosed with A/C.

• Ottomans
The two x-leg ottomans add a stylistic touch to the space and they complement the chairs perfectly. The wicker weave is tight on these stools so that it is soft to the bare foot. I like the open x-leg because it keeps the ottoman looking light. Don’t be fooled thinking wicker is an inexpensive way to finish the lanai because wicker is pricey but the look is so good.

• Rug
The rug is a 5×7 rug that is made of jute and dyed indigo. Jute is soft for bare feet and a natural fiber as well. The best type of jute rug to buy should have a backing. The backing holds the rugs shape. Jute can be stretched and get out of shape without backing. Finally, jute rugs and sisal rugs are great if you have cats. I have jute and sisal rugs and my cats can scratch their nails without hurting the rug.

• Side tables
The homeowners decided to use metal side tables and they look great! The dark iron look of the metal with the natural textures creates a tension in the space that is pleasing to the eye. Remember to mix metal and natural products in a space; the mix is what gives a space interest.

• Lamps
The two lamps are Indigo blue and white cylinder style with white shades. The cylinder lamp base takes up less space when the side tables must remain small. The color of the lamps pulls the indigo color up to eyelevel in the space which helps repeat the color throughout, creating visual cohesion in the room.

• Pillows
The homeowner chose two pillows in indigo and white zebra print. These pillows add a rich layer of animal print and allow us to use more indigo in the space.

• Ceiling Beams
The dark beams are a great application to the ceiling. The dark wood looks rich but not heavy. In a room this open and filled with light a little dark wood is not going to feel imposing. So if you are thinking of some dark beams just make sure you have lots of natural light.

• Curtains
I think the most ignored thing on a lanai is the application of curtains. They add so much softness and layering to a space. The homeowners decided to add white curtains to the corners and one panel in the middle to cover the column between the windows. White curtains add brightness and do not distract from the beautiful view with lots of print. The rods are short rods that meet in the corners and they are just wide enough to cover the middle column. We hung them high just under the beams to draw the eye upward. They accent the view and soften the space.

• Blinds
The homeowners had sun diffusing blinds installed. These blinds break up and diffuse the sun during the part of the day the sun is shining directly into the space. They go back up when the sun moves to a less piercing level. The best thing the owners did for themselves was to buy motorized blinds. One push of button the shade is up and one more push the shade is down. I try to encourage people to think of using the product day in and day out and buy motorized where the really need it. You don’t have to do every window motorized but do the windows that are the most difficult to access or have the largest span of blinds.
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