Classic Updates

The best thing a homeowner can do for their home is to keep it updated! I am not talking so much about the decorative items and furniture of the home, though that is important. I am talking about the built in things that stay behind when the owner sells the property. Let’s take a peek into a two bedroom courtyard villa that has been updated through the years. The updates have not been extravagant or overpriced for the property but they are updates that will help the property hold its value as time marches on somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• What does updating mean?Hard-for-me-to-photograph-because-the-space-is-so-long
When updating; stay away from fads and colors of the season. Instead, think about classic things that stand the test of time. Updating does not mean you have to put in grey cabinets or grey floor just because grey is trending at this time. It just means that you need to keep things fresh. If the kitchen is looking a bit tired and the cabinets are worn, then a simple re-face will keep the kitchen looking fresh and new.

• Paint
Paint is the simplest update and it provides visual bang for the buck. I usually choose one color throughout the body of the home that is light and neutral. In this villa we chose Interactive Crème 6113. This paint is a peachy, tan, gold color and throughout the day the color will change slightly with the light in the space. The color is “warm” personified and wraps visitors in a welcoming embrace.

• Windows
When the villa was purchased it had padded cornice boards above the windows. The cornice boards were nice and the homeowner kept them for several years but eventually, they realized that they needed an update. We removed the cornices and added a plantation shutter to the window. Above the shutter we added a header that would visually tie into the treatment on the sliders. Since most villas have two sliders and one window, the goal was to make them visually cohesive. We removed the verticals and installed slide view blinds.
Slide view by Graber is an accordion blind that slides from side to side. When it is open, the stack back is small so it eats up less of the window, allowing more light in the space. When it is closed it allows soft light in the space but offers complete privacy. We installed white wooden cornice boards over the sliders with large casement molding on the sides. This treatment hides the mechanics of the slide view and makes the slider look finished while visually tying it to the window with the shutters. The windows and sliders will look larger and brighter, which in the end makes the space look bigger.

• Enclose the porch
The back porch was enclosed to become the office and main TV watching area.
The old slider opening leading into the room was fashioned into an arch which makes it look like it has always been that way. The old sliding doors where re-used as the slider to the back of the courtyard.

• Built in done right
The new room received a built-in desk/entertainment unit, so that the homeowners can stay organized and have a desk space that was not in a bedroom. This is important when the villa is two bedrooms and one of the bedrooms is for guests.

• Opposite the built-in
We were able to place two recliners and table on the wall opposing the built-in for nightly TV viewing. The little room is a very comfortable addition of very usable space.

• Flooring
This villa had tile which was a great color and in great shape, so the homeowner added it to the new room addition. Remember, when adding to your home with updates that stand the test of time, Engineered Hardwood and Tile are still the reining Kings!

• Keep it big
Placement of the furniture as pictured allows the space to feel really big! The TV is angled in the corner and is not a focal point. The sofa is placed on the wall that usually houses the entertainment unit. We placed large artwork over the sofa because the long and large wall is the natural focal point of the space. This room can seat six easily and more chairs could be added from the dining room table when needed.

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