Luxurious Lanai

Growing up in Florida meant being outdoors! During the nights of summer my parents had to make us come inside and get ready for bed. There has never been a time in my entire Florida life that I have been excited to turn the clocks back for fall; but springing forward creates a sense of excited anticipation to get back that precious outdoor time. Soft breezes will rustle us through the short month of February and March will bluster leaving us with some of the best outdoor nights of the year. You have time to get ready for long nights of conversation on your lanai but you might want to get started now. Let’s take a look at two lanais that are ready just in time for the approaching spring, somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Gardenia lanaiAfter-of-Lantana
The first lanai belongs to a Gardenia model that is enclosed but not air conditioned. The homeowner does like to open the windows in the spring, so we used indoor outdoor materials to weather the elements just in case the windows are left open during a popup rain storm.

• Sofa wall
Lanais can be tricky! They get tight quickly so you have to be careful to purchase the right size for the room. I like the iron pieces for the enclosed lanai because they do not eat up space. With the arm smaller and the cushions bigger, it creates a very comfortable chair that has a light footprint in the space. The homeowner purchased a love seat and two chairs. With the love seat placed on the wall opposing the window, it allowed us to place two chairs across from the love seat. This creates a nice open entry point to move into the seating area. We were still able to add in two ottomans and have a generous walk space. This would not have been possible with bulky wicker furniture in this space.

• Indoor outdoor rug
We grounded the space by using an indoor outdoor rug. The color of the rug is found in the color of the upholstery fabrics. Light blue and tan stripe. If the rug was left wet and became moldy or dirty from foot traffic, the entire rug can be taken outside and pressure washed.

• Mirror above loveseat
We hung a mirror above the loveseat to capture the light from the opposing window. Also, for those sitting in the chairs they can look at a nice view.

• Lamps
We placed lamps in the space but we did not use indoor outdoor lamps. We decided that rain was not a concern that far over into the space. We used capiz shell lamps that have lots of neutral tans and whites. They provide a soft sophisticated look.

• Art
We placed a palm tree in soft hues of teal on the wall that is seen at entry point. The title is “Angles in The Sky” shot from beneath the tree looking upward. The picture is a photo but looks like and oil painting and it is a scene that is quite calming.

• Fire Element
We added candle wall sconces for the element of fire at night. The candles are electric and they look real! They are nice touch to finish the space.

• Lantana Lanai
The second lanai is a Lantana Lanai and is under a covered ceiling with a screened in pool. We placed the sofa on the back wall which is short but it does not matter. It looked great so we went with it! We placed two chairs opposing the sofa to create a conversation area. We liked the furniture this way because as you walk through the front door of the home this can be seen through the glass sliding doors. It looks very inviting. The wicker has small scale arms. This creates a light footprint but provides generous cushions without all the bulk.

• Indoor outdoor rug
We chose a striking indoor outdoor rug. This rug visually grounds the space and when it gets dirty can be pressure washed.

• Lamps
We were able to place one indoor outdoor lamp and hide the cord behind the sofa.

• Art
The picture above the sofa is visually striking and pulls you in for a stroll under the large canopied trees somewhere in Hawaii. The picture lights up at night and provide a luxurious glow.

• Fire Element
We placed a fire pit with a granite surround in the center to act as a coffee table. We chose purple blue glass for the center and it looks beautiful when the fire is burning! This table is more for looks than heat but the homeowners love it!

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Before and After Pics Below