Florida Infusion

Florida is more than a state; it is a state of mind. Like water working its way around every crevasse it encounters, Florida gets into your soul. It does not matter where you are from, the longer your flip flopped feet stay on Florida ground the more complete the transformation becomes. You experience joy when seeing sand hill cranes flying in unison, their large graceful wings silhouettes against the twilight sky. You will develop a desire to see sunsets on a nightly basis and traverse palm tree lined paths. With each moment that takes your breath away Florida gets deeper into the soul. When it comes to decorating it is no wonder that so many of my clients want to add Florida life into their life. Let’s take a peek into the living room of a Grandview model that has been infused with the Florida life somewhere in the Heart of the Villages.

• GoalNew-Art-Mirrors-and-Rug-look-Amazing
The goal for the space was to enhance it and create visual cohesion! The furniture was very nice and the clock is amazing but there was no dramatic effect on the focal point. We accomplished our goal by adding a few things to the mix and shifting a few things around in the exact same space.

• Large art
This large Grandview wall is a great place to explain and show that in design the eye moves toward mass in the space. In other words the eye wants to see something with visual weight on the largest wall in the space. The sofa and seating arrangement are on the largest wall and we needed to add something with visual weight above the sofa. We added a piece of art titled, “Pathway to Palms” by Alan Maltz. This strong pop of color and large size provides the visual heft to enhance the focal point. The clock was beautiful, but since the clock is metal and very open it just does not provide enough visual weight in the space.

• Two mirrors
Since the large focal wall is so big we added two blue rimmed mirrors above the large chest that is used as a side table beside the sofa. The mirrors complement everything in the space from the art to blue chairs and pillows. The collection of art and mirrors really pulled the space together.

• Large Rug
A large room needs a large rug. The rug in the before picture is a 5×8 which is too small for the size of this room. We added an 8×10 rug that is made of jute and chenille. The rug has the blonde grass color from the jute and the blue chenille woven into the rug provides a touch of color without competing with the art and furniture. Also, the new rug adds a casual elegance that makes the space feel inviting and very user friendly.

• Clock
We loved the large clock and we kept it in the space but we moved it. The left side of this living room has an angled wall. The book cases and display cabinets are on that wall. Since the bookcases are heavy we added the large but visually light clock above the bookcases and it really pops in that space.

• Two wingback chairs
The dining room table had two large wingbacks as the host and hostess chair but they were too big to move as a dining room chair. We decided they would be great as game table chairs in front of the bookcases in the living room. We recovered them in soft blue and white tweed. They look amazing and are very comfortable for the backgammon table. The new chairs and the large clock were just enough to finish off the left side of the living room in high style.

• Window treatments
The window treatments were already in the space and we loved them. The long panels grazing the edge of the window allow the window to stay big and let in lots of light while looking elegant and soft.

• Entryway table
The Grandview is large enough to have an entry way table. We created a small grouping of glass jars and hydrangeas on a teak tray as the entry way table piece. The grouping looks inviting and casual.

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Before and After Pics Below