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Car Keys, mail, a quarter cup of forgotten coffee, and a box of cat snacks are strewn about the counter of my kitchen island when I get home at the end of the day. About one hour later the aforementioned items have somehow found their home and the island is transformed into a food prep station. So many good things come from the island during this time of day. Especially, if people are visiting, we gather to watch, talk, and of course help my husband (the cook) with many suggestions. Finally, at night when the gathering is done and the blue light of the moon illuminates the space, the granite shimmers in the low light. The room looks a bit magical and seems filled with possibilities. In the world of decorating adding an island to the kitchen is one of the best upgrades possible and if you can do it, you should! Once you do, stand back and watch the gathering begin just as it has begun for the owners of a Belmont Cabana Villa somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Good in TheoryBelmont Cabana Villa, Interior Design - Home Décor by Ruth Dyer.
The homeowners have a great sense of adventure and are a great DIY couple! They began to transform the kitchen themselves by painting the cabinets. They painted the top cabinets white and the bottom cabinets were painted blue. As they moved further into the project they realized that the kitchen began to feel a bit disjointed and dark. The blue was fun for a time but when you are spending money on a kitchen re-do spend it on something that will stand the test of time.

• Re-face most, replace some
The original cabinets ran in a straight line and did not extend to the end of the countertops. The majority of the cabinets were re-faced by painting the existing cabinet boxes and adding brand new doors. The doors are larger and meet in the middle so the cabinets that stayed the same size look larger with the new doors. The cabinets over the stove and to the left of the stove are new and larger. A wine rack was added to the cabinet to the left of the stove which extended the cabinets over the entire countertop. The cabinets to the right of the sink are new as well. The former cabinet was a single small cabinet ending at the end of the dishwasher. We added a double cabinet above and a single trash pull out below and beside the dishwasher. We used the entire wall all the way to the window.

• The Island
The island is only partially new. We added cabinetry to the original small island which increased the island to 108” long. The cabinetry in the island provides lots of extra great storage. The island looks complete with added molding all around to the make the entire island look new. This island seats six people quite comfortably and increases the function of the kitchen exponentially.

• The countertops
The new countertops are stunning! They are a natural stone called calcite. The pattern is blue lumen and it is beautiful. The homeowners fell in love with it even though it is a bit more delicate as a countertop. Calcite is on the same level as marble and will stain a bit easier but the beauty is worth it. We had it sealed with a fifteen year seal to protect it and keep it from staining. The blue lumen pattern has soft blues, greens, creams and white running through it and it is unique.

• Backsplash
The homeowners also used the calcite as the backsplash and the pattern matching was near perfection! I always suggest a full stone or granite backsplash when using white or light granite in particular. When turned on, the under cabinet lighting makes the calcite look amazing at night.

• Shutters and trim
The kitchen window received trim around it to make it blend into the cabinetry and look finished. Also, the trim on the kitchen window helped the window visually tie into the existing shutter.

• New sink and faucet
When new countertops were installed, a new sink was installed too. The homeowner chose a single large sink and a new pull down handle for the faucet. This is highly functional and the faucet the homeowners chose is unique.

• Refrigerator wall
The cabinets over the refrigerator wall were made larger and deeper. This makes the refrigerator look like it is tucked all the way into a custom space. The accent niche that held two statues on the angled wall beside the refrigerator was made into a book shelf. The bookshelf is so much more functional and practical.

• Engineered hardwood
The new floor had to be done before the island was installed. We had engineered French Oak hardwood installed throughout the entire home including the kitchen for a sleek and cohesive look.

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