A Semi-New You

I know that this time of year brings about all kinds of resolutions and desires for change in one’s life. Such as I will work out and lose weight, I will be on time all of the time, and I will not impulse buy clothing on Amazon or shoes from Zappos.
However, the reality will more than likely be; I will work out some and I will lose and gain the same five pounds each quarter and I will probably still run a bit late particularly in the morning. Finally, I will at least curtail my impulse buys of clothing because email blasts pull you into the buying abyss and one cannot always be strong enough to resist. The result of all this self-reflection and well thought out change with intention and purpose will carve out and create a semi-new me! In the world of decorating we often have big ideas of what a room could be if we made grand sweeping changes. When in reality it may just need a few well thought out pieces to create change. Let’s take a peek into the living room of an Iris model to see how replacing a few items can create a semi- new space somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• The Goalfreshen up the space, Home Décor by Ruth Dyer - in the Villages of Florida, living room, Iris model.
The homeowners loved the look they had before but after ten years they wanted to freshen up. They did not want any more brown and they wanted a different rug. Also, they wanted to introduce navy blue and teal into the space.

• Furniture layout
The furniture layout of this Iris living room is tailored to the homeowner. One of the homeowners likes to lie on the sofa to watch TV and one of the homeowners likes to sit in the recliner. We created a faux sectional with the sofa and recliner by placing them in an L-Shape. This allows each person to have access to the large side table and the light from the lamp. The sofa is not blocking the view because the sofa is not taller than people in a seated position and definitely not in a standing position. There is one chair flanking the fireplace and opposing the sofa. The room did have two chairs and could hold two chairs again if needed. The homeowners wanted to lighten up on furniture in the space.

• New Sofa
The color infusion started with a new sofa in a beautiful woven teal fabric. To accent the sofa the homeowners added two crème pillows and two palm print pillows with navy and teal. The sofa is a body builder design that was custom fit to the homeowner’s measurements for a very comfortable sitting or lying down experience. A custom sofa is a bit more expensive but well worth the comfort level.

• New Recliner
The new recliner is covered in soft grey leather. This recliner is wall hugging even though it is not on a wall. The wall hugging feature allows the chair to be pushed forward into the living room when in a reclining position rather than laying out into the walkway. This feature keeps the walkway clear and open and should be considered on all recliners.

• Recover chairs
The two wicker and black wood chairs are beautiful but needed to be re-upholstered. The old fabric had a print that the homeowner grew tired of and we did not want that to happen again. The homeowner decided to recover in a neutral crème and use a throw pillow to add a punch of color. I love neutral furniture and printed pillows because it allows more freedom for change over time.

• Large side table
The large skirted side table had a brown skirt on it for many years that coordinated with the old furniture. To create a fresh look we purchased a new crème colored skirt and the table was new again. I like large skirted tables in a space that is exposed on a corner and bridging two pieces of furniture. The table fills all the negative open space that looks cluttered and hides all cords. The only thing that you see when looking into the room is a beautiful skirt and nothing more.

• New rug
The statement maker in the space is the new rug. It looks amazing! The rug is lush wool and so comfortable on the feet. The color is so vivid and pops off the dark wood floor. All the colors teal and navy swirling together tie the space up in a big beautiful bow.

• New coffee table
The new coffee table and side table by the recliner are made of reclaimed wood and iron. Together they offer a bit more of a casual look and feel to the space than the former coffee table.

• Two new lamps
The space received two new lamps. One lamp is tall with navy and blue glazing. This tall lamp will be great for reading and is for the recliner and the sofa. Finally, the occasional chair received a small white lamp that does not feel over powering when entering the space. They don’t match but they coordinate with the space so well.

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Before and After Pics Below