A Touch of Modern

I have to say that this time of year in Key West the water is beyond magnificent but a bit cold for a Floridian in March. I was brave and walked into the blue about waist deep but could not find the strength to commit myself any further. The sun shone hot on my back and shoulders keeping the temperature balanced so that I could remain staring into the great beyond for a bit. The water was so clear that it looked like diamonds shimmering all around me. I was captivated by the green gulf meeting the blue of the sea and blending with the azure sky in the distant horizon. One would never tire of seeing this view but in the world of decorating one might tire of the couch beneath the view. Let’s take a peek into a couch-tired living room that received a fresh new look just in time for spring somewhere just beyond the heart of The Villages.

• GoalPicture of the office and foyer - Interior Design - in the Villages of Florida.
The homeowner wanted to add a touch of modern to the space and she was tired of the old couches. This room does not get used that much and it’s a big statement when you enter the home. Also, the homeowner still works and this room can be seen from her office and she wanted something sleek and different in the space.

• Flooring
This started because there was damage to the old laminate in the home and the flooring needed to be replaced. The old laminate was really good laminate flooring but the homeowner wanted engineered hardwood as her new flooring. The undamaged laminate was taken up and recycled by donating it. However, if the homeowner wanted to save money she could have re-installed the laminate into the guest bedrooms and purchased new flooring for the rest of the house. Keep that in mind if you are buying a new floor and need to save money.

• Engineered hardwood
The homeowner chose a beautiful engineered hardwood that has depth and richness but would be considered medium in color. The hardwood was abutted to the tile in the kitchen with no threshold and it looks amazing! I like the new wood flooring because it has no shine and it looks like reclaimed wood. This touch of rustic looks great juxtaposed with a touch of modern.

• New sectional
The homeowner fell in love with the new sectional and ordered it online from a local retailer. The strong pop of white in the space works well with the existing picture and the rug. The sectional only allowed for one side table and one lamp. That works out fine for this room because this is not a TV watching space. However, keep in mind that if you buy a sectional for a heavily used room someone will lose out on a side table and lamp.

• Artwork and rug
The artwork is titled, “Clarity” by Alan Maltz and it was taken in the Dry Tortugas. The canvas is 60” wide by 40” high and almost appears as an abstract. If you have not visited the Dry Tortugas this is what the water looks like especially this time of year.

• Side table and coffee table
The side table and coffee table are stacked clear glass and they really look great in this space. We recycled them from the TV room that was re-vamped over last summer and I like the way the glass ties into the glassy effect of the water.

• A Touch of Bling
The homeowner does love a touch of bling and the lamp on the side table does not disappoint. The shimmery crystals of the lamps sparkle like the diamond look of the water in the photograph.

• Rug
The new couch complements the rug by visually tying into the white coral in the rug. The deep teal of the rug can be found in the artwork above and the mirror in the foyer.

• Foyer
The foyer of the house is a part of what would have been the original dining room of the space. I like the clear glass table in the foyer below the mirror because again it creates a visual connection to the living room.

• Foyer rug
The foyer rug is a black and white zebra print. I love zebra in the mix because it is both neutral and a statement maker. Don’t be afraid to mix zebra into your look if you like it. Since zebra is black and white it is by definition neutral.

• Office built-in
The dining room in this model beyond The Villages is so far from the kitchen it did not get used. The homeowner loves the space as her office. The homeowner chose dark espresso paint for the built-in which is dramatic. This house has lots of light so it can handle a bit of dark furniture. We added a light slab of granite to the top of the desk and to the top of the computer area behind the desk. Remember, consider adding granite to furniture to lighten it and elevate the look of the piece.

• Coffered Ceiling
This office space has a delineated ceiling area that would look great with a molding treatment. We added coffers to the space for an incredible coffered ceiling. I don’t get to recommend coffered ceilings that much because most open floor plans do not have delineated ceilings. If you want something different and beautiful…..think ceiling coffers!

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Before and After Pics Below