Banquette Seating

Banquette seating is defined by Merriam Webster as a long-upholstered bench, or a built-in bench. I love banquette seating and I think it is the most underutilized type of seating amongst so many of my clientele, which are mostly people living in open concept homes. Banquette seating is so popular in the design world that most online retailers are offering a form of banquettes to buy that are ready made. These are upholstered benches that have backs, and they are made to fit together but they are moveable should you need to move them. There are so many models of homes that can benefit from banquette seating that everyone should be considering or embracing this concept for the new year. If you don’t believe me just browse the internet to see that it is one of the most practical ideas to gain space and improve traffic flow in your open concept home. Let’s take a peek into the kitchenette of two Begonia Models and the dining room of a Iris model to see how wonderful banquette seating can be somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

  •  So Many BenefitsBanquette set, Home Décor by Ruth Dyer - in the Villages of Florida.
The banquette seating provides many benefits such as, a way to uniquely express yourself in the space with such comfortable seating. Also, it provides soft goods to absorb sound and it makes awkward spaces cozy.

  •  Pedestal table is Key
The key to a successful banquette area is a pedestal table. The pedestal table leaves enough room for people to slide along the bench to get into position and it allows leg room while using the banquette.

  •  Banquette seating, Begonia
Banquette seating is so functional and comfortable! A banquette allows you to use the walls of the eat-in kitchen to line with seating. When you line the walls with seating you only need room on one side of the table to pull out chairs. The footprint of the table and chair function is smaller and more functional. The banquette in the picture is moveable. The three benches kiss but are not connected so moving them is very easy. If you need more comfortable seating in the living room for a Super bowl party, carry out the benches and seat your guest in comfort and style. The homeowners have room to set two freestanding chairs in the eat-in kitchen for more seating in the space. Finally, the custom fabric the homeowners chose is a performance fabric and very cleanable.

  •  Banquette brought from an Iris Model
This entire set up was purchased first for an Iris. This banquet filled the dining room of an Iris prior to the homeowner moving into this Begonia. The homeowner had wainscoting installed to pop the grey fabric on the banquet.

  •  Iris dining room
The homeowners wanted to create a better traffic flow in the Iris Model. This model tends to get tight when passing through the dining room to get to the kitchen. The two back walls of the dining room create the space for the benches that they purchased from an online retailer. These benches are upholstered and fit together in the shape that fits the space. The benches have a corner piece that bridges them together for a full built-in banquet look. Using banquet seating in an Iris dining room is so great because you don’t have to allow room to pull out chairs on all sides. This allows much more space to walk between the living room and the dining room. Also, the upholstered seating is super comfortable. The best part of the upholstered seating is that it can be moved easily. If you need an extra bench for the living room or on the lanai, they can be moved out to those spaces as individual pieces and provide extra comfortable seating.

  •  Table
As you see in all pictures, I want to repeat that the table for this arrangement must be a pedestal table. The pedestal allows room for legs and feet to slide into the space. The top of the table can be round and expand to an oval. Also, the top could be square on a pedestal, but the square edges sometimes can hurt if someone were to catch an edge with their hip or thigh. If you want a square table, try to get one with rounded soft edges.

  •  White wainscoting
Again, in the Iris as in the above Begonia white wainscot was installed. The treatment was painted all white so that the fabric on the benches would pop in the space. The wainscot adds a layer of texture and highlights the space within a larger space.
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