Delightful fire

I was raised here in the sunshine state, and I love seeing lots of sun. So, you can imagine how difficult it has been to live with the grey skies we have seen day after day for the last few weeks. Even though the air has been tinged with the bite of winter, I was so happy to see the sun break through the clouds because I need to see the sun!
When it is cold outside it’s nice to have the beauty of a delightful fire to take the chill off the air. The electric fireplace is a great option for Florida living because it can create the ambiance and low light of a fire, but you can turn off the heat and use it year-round. If you have been yearning for the relaxing flame of a fireplace, consider electric and make it permanent. Let’s peek into the living room of a Lantana model to see how a fireplace is a fabulous focal point that creates a wonderful atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

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The idea for this space was to add an electric fireplace with the TV mounted above it. The homeowner did not want tile and he did not want shiplap. He wanted a fireplace that was different and he wanted the entire wall to be a focal point in the space. The finished product is a truly unique and beautiful fireplace.

  • Buy the Firebox
The first step to accomplishing this goal was for the customer to choose his fireplace. This fireplace is a three-sided fireplace so that the flame can be seen from each side of the fireplace as well as the front of the fireplace. This fireplace was purchased online, and it arrived two days later in a crate.

  • Frame the fireplace
In order to accommodate an electric fireplace a frame had to be created. The framework would have to come out from the wall about 18 inches to house the firebox and have room for the TV wires to be hidden behind everything. The carpenter created a framework that extended all the way to the ceiling. Before the fireplace is installed and the TV is hung you will need an electrician to add a plug behind the TV. Also, the fireplace box does not come with a cord because the electrician must add a dedicated circuit to operate the fireplace. The carpenter must create a way to have access to the electrical components of the fireplace. This is very important to meet a code standard according to the electrician. If you are interested in doing this on your own that is one step that cannot be missed.

  • Install the fireplace
Once the frame was created the fireplace was installed. Because the fireplace was three sided, the carpenter added trim work around the fireplace. The side wall on the right side is removable to have access to the fireplace.

  • Treat the front of the fireplace
The treatment on the front of the fireplace is a wood product and it is reeded wood. This product can be purchased online, and it comes in small panels that can be put together to create the reeded effect. This product can be used in many ways and is quite popular with furniture restoration. This is a product that is very easy to install and adds so much visual interest and texture to the space.

  • Chunky crown on the top and the bottom
We added chunky crown at the top of the reeded wood treatment to tie the top of the fireplace visually to the bottom of the fireplace. The white molding with the dark wood treatment looks rich and unique.

  • Board and batten
The large wall was finished with board and batten and the entire treatment on each side of the fireplace was painted white. We achieved a fresh bright focal wall and the dark reeded wood popped against all the white. I like the contrast between the dark and the light. The three-sided fireplace looks so good beneath the TV and now the homeowner can have ambiance anytime he would like to have it.

  • Install TV
The TV was installed on a bracket embedded in the reeded wood. The TV can be pulled out to deal with any issues or additional cables that might be needed in the future.

  • Lighting behind TV
The electrician installed lighting behind the TV. The colors of the light can change and add another layer of interest to the fireplace wall.

  • Lighting in the ceiling
The electrician installed flat lights in the ceiling that aim at the art on the wall and onto the wall of board and batten to enhance and focus on the beauty of the treatment.

  • Sonos sound
The homeowner had the TV connected to a Sonos sound system and the music can be heard everywhere throughout the space as well as the lanai. He loves his new space, and he says, “it is very relaxing!”
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