Basic Guest Baths

Over the seven mile bridge and through the keys off to Key West we go! I love a quick trip to Key West the third week in December. The island is quiet and all lit up for a Conchy Christmas. The temperature does not get over 75 degrees and there is a general feeling of lightness in the air. We always head back home before the 21st because the island becomes a Christmas madhouse. It turns out that many people from snowy areas crave a Key West Christmas and of course New Year’s Eve. So I think it goes without saying that even though the nostalgic Christmas songs sing the praises of a white Christmas; as soon a Christmas is gone they would like the white stuff to leave as well. So then, if you live in Florida or spend the winter here, you should be prepared for an influx of visitors trying to escape the snow for free room and board. It is not that big of a gap between Christmas and Spring break so if you did not get your guest bath ready you have time now. Let’s take a peek at some guest baths that are fresh and ready for those on the run looking for sun somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• PaintFirst Bathroom
The first bathroom was painted a golden based green that keeps the bathroom lively and fresh. Tip: If you want to try a color but are unsure how it will make your skin look; simply paint up a poster board with the color. Stand with the poster board behind your head and look in the mirror, how does that color make you look? Now look in the mirror and hold the color card in front of your face, how do you look? This is the best way to see if you are choosing a good color for your guest bath.

• Elongate the shower curtain
This is something I have been doing as a budget minded effort to get a custom look in the bathroom without the custom prices. We buy two shower curtains and sew them together to hang a few inches from the ceiling. When they are sewn together we cover the seams with grosgrain ribbon that ties into the colors that are already in the curtain. Also, I like to have more ribbon added at the very top to mimic the lower seam. This visually ties the entire thing together, for very little money! Finally, when you make the shower curtain longer, it draws the eye up thereby creating the illusion of space, within a small space. This green and white curtain fits in the space perfectly. We did not want too much print because we wanted the art to be the star of the show and we wanted the shower curtain to visually support it.

• Art
With a tall shower you can hang the art high above towel bar and it will look balanced in the space. In this bathroom we had on large print by Elizabeth Kershaw titled, “Queens Wreath” that worked perfectly above the towel bar over the toilet.

• Paint for second bath
We kept the paint in the bathroom neutral to blend with the granite and bath tile. The color is Biscuit and is a light peachy, gold, and tan.

• Start with Art
The homeowner wanted the bathroom to reflect Florida and it does not get more Florida than a big pelican roosting above the toilet. This picture is titled, “Here’s Looking at you”, and not only is it a stunning picture but it is funny as well. This bath did not have a towel rack over the toilet so we went big!

• Shower Curtain
We chose the shower curtain after we chose the art. It is much easier to choose art first because you know what you like in art but without an inspiration the shower curtain could set the whole tone of the project. What if you could not find art to go with your curtain? Also, we did not have to elongate this shower curtain. It was a little longer than standard curtains and the stripe made such a visual impression we did not feel the need to do anything but hang it!

• Towels, Towels, Towels
I like to use lots of towels to tie it all together because they are inexpensive, and functional. The colors that are being highlighted are blue and white so I use lots of blue and white towels. I put wash clothes rolled up in a basket on the back of the toilet and usually a basket on the ground with large rolled up towels. Also, I hang a towel group over the towel bar.

• Ideas apply no matter the size
Though each bathroom is different in size, these ideas can be applied keeping in mind the size of the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom the floor basket should be thin and small, maybe enough to hold three towels, and if you have a large bathroom don’t be afraid to go large on things.

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