Guest Bath

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us and we look forward to Christmas, there will be lots of visitors seeking some Florida sun. Most homeowners are happy to provide a guest bedroom and guest bath that make their guest feel like they are in the sunshine state. Let’s take a peek into some freshly finished guest baths that are ready and waiting for their visitors somewhere in the heart of the Villages.

• Paint bathroom #1Bathroom #1
We chose the wall color (Humble Gold) which is the color of the main body of the home. Tip: If you want to try a color for the guest bath but are unsure how it will make your skin look; simply paint up a poster board with the color. Stand with the poster board behind your head and look in the mirror, how does that color make you look? Now look in the mirror and hold the color card in front of your face, how do you look? This is the best way to see if you are choosing a good color for your guest bath.

• The art #1
I like dramatic art in the bathroom and the homeowner chose a painting titled “Spring Fling”. It is nice and tall for over the toilet. In this bathroom we have two towel bars on the wall opposing the sink and we chose to hang a picture above each towel rack. The two pictures are called “Flight of the Dragonfly” and feature single dragonflies in each one.

• Elongate the shower curtain#1
This is something I have been doing as a budget minded effort to get a custom look in the bathroom without the custom prices. We buy two shower curtains and sew them together to hang a few inches from the ceiling. When they are sewn together we cover the seams with grosgrain ribbon that tie into the colors that are already in the curtain. Also, I like to have more ribbon added at the very top to mimic the lower seam for a finished and cohesive look. Finally, when you make the shower curtain longer, it draws the eye up thereby creating the illusion of space, within a small space.

• Shower rod #1
We used a rod that is curved and double. The curtain hangs on the outer rod and the liner hangs on the inner rod. These rods are a little more expensive and installing them is a bit tedious but well worth it. The curve looks nice and presents the shower curtain well.

• Baskets
I love to fill baskets, as shown on the back of the toilet, with washcloths and hand towels. This gives a great color pop while being functional for extra towel storage.

• Rug
We chose a solid red rug for the floor in front of the sink and that seemed to pull it all together.

• Paint for bath#2
We kept the paint in the bathroom neutral to blend with the granite and bath tile. The color is Biscuit and is a light peachy, gold, and tan.

• Start with Art
The homeowner wanted the bathroom to reflect Florida and it does not get more Florida than a big pelican roosting above the toilet. This picture is titled, “Here’s Looking You” and not only is it a stunning picture but it is funny as well.

• Shower Curtain
We chose the shower curtain after we chose the art. It is much easier to choose art first because you know what you like in art but without an inspiration the shower curtain could set the whole tone of the project. What if you could not find art to go with your curtain? Also, we did not have to elongate this shower curtain. It was a little longer than standard curtains and the stripe made such a visual impression we did not feel the need to do anything but hang it!

• Towels, Towels, Towels
I like to use lots of towels to tie it all together because they are inexpensive and functional. The colors that are being highlighted are blue and white so I used lots of blue and white towels. I put wash clothes rolled up in a basket on the back of the toilet and usually a basket on the ground with large rolled up towels.

• Apothecary jar with candle
A great decorative item for the bathroom counter is a glass apothecary jar with sea glass and an electric candle. This adds low light at night in the space. Also, the apothecary jar is closed so a quick dusting is all that is needed and all the things inside stay dust free. Think of adding anything to the apothecary jar or jars to create an interesting display.

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