Blue and Yellow

Through the years the combination of the colors blue and yellow have been a fan favorite. For those clients who requested that color combination in the past, yellow was always the preferred wall color and blue would be used in accessories and rugs as an accent only. For example, most rugs would be a combination of yellow and blue with a heavy dose of yellow. What if after living with that color combination for years you decided you did not want yellow walls or a yellow sofa? Can we change a space easily without starting over? In the world of decorating if you are tired of a look, you don’t have to throw everything out for the space to change; you just have to deal with the largest amount of yellow in the space to get change. Let’s take a peek at a Lantana model living room, dining room and kitchenette that was changed from yellow sunshine to sophisticated blue hues without breaking the bank, somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Goal of the makeoverAfter Image of Lantana model living room- Interior Design - in the Villages of Florida.
The goal of the makeover was to update the windows, and make yellow an accent color rather than the star of the show. The homeowner wanted the calming effect of soft blue in the space.

• Paint
In design the eye moves toward mass, so addressing all of the walls is the first step to change. The yellow paint is bright and cheery while it represents happiness, optimism, and creativity. The homeowners loved it for years but they/ she was ready for a change. She originally wanted to paint a brighter blue in the space but a bright blue would have been too strong for a sense of calmness. We chose Window Pane 6210 for the blue. Blue often symbolizes serenity, stability, and inspiration so it by nature calms a space visually. Window pane is a green based blue that is found in the fundamentally neutral line of paints. Once the room was painted an instant calm could be felt in the space.

• Molding
The homeowners had installed crown molding years ago and it still looks great but now we had to address the windows since we were removing the yellow cornices. The homeowners are backed up to a golf course and there is no need to close the privacy treatments at night. We removed them so that we could highlight the top and sides of the windows. We added thick molding to sides of the windows and a header with crown molding at the top of the window. When large windows are framed and the molding is painted out in white the view is highlighted in a beautiful picture frame. The windows will never have to be addressed again since they now look finished and framed. Molding around the windows is a great investment in the home and will only increase the visual value which will increase the dollar value.

• Wainscot the island
The homeowners had installed simple wainscot boxes in the dining room years ago when they installed the crown. I suggested they add wainscot treatment under the bar as well.
This would make the granite stand out better, and create visual unity with the dining room. The wainscot on the island was installed with bead board in the middle of the large frames. I like the bead board because it looks casual but rich.

• Recover couch
The couch in this living room is comfortable! It was very expensive when they purchased it and it still felt brand new. This couch was definitely worth recovering. We chose a fabric that looked like a woven blue with tiny hints of white in the weave. The new color looked beautiful and tied into the navy blue recliners and the gingham chair. Just changing that one item in the room visually tied everything together creating a new and fresh look.

• New rugs
We purchased a new rug for the living room and dining room. The new living room rug is navy blue with an oversized floral pattern that is visually striking. The dining room rug is from the same collection but more subdued. The rug in the kitchenette is the same solid navy rug they owned. It looked new because the pallet of the room was beginning to blend for a calmer more sophisticated look.

• Art
The homeowner purchased a new piece of art for the dining room wall. This piece looks like an abstract version of Monet. The colors pop and the painting updated the wall nicely. Also, the homeowner purchased two colorful roosters paintings for the walls beside the window in the kitchenette. The colors of the paintings and size are perfect and finish the kitchenette nicely.

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Before and After Pics Below