Relaxing retreat

I love watching makeovers on HGTV! The makeovers are fabulous and everything is new and fresh in the space. However, that is not real life and most of my client base cannot totally start over. There is so much that can be done with the furniture that you have to freshen a space that starting completely over is not always necessary. Let’s take a peek into a Begonia master bedroom that was changed from warm orange hues to cool tropical blues to create a rich and relaxing retreat somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Change but not everythingAfter, looks rich and bed is easier to make - Interior Design - Home Décor by Ruth Dyer
The room was originally designed around a beautiful rug with red, pumpkin and warm tropical hues about two years ago. However, the homeowners decided that they needed a change. Instead of highlighting the warm colors the homeowners decided they wanted the cool ocean colors filled with blue hues to create a relaxing environment.

• Keep all the furniture
There was no question that we would keep the furniture. All the furniture is Tommy Bahama by Lexington, so it was expensive! The homeowners loved the look of the bed but we all agreed that it must be darker to achieve the rich and decadent feeling they wanted. We had all the pieces painted an expresso color. This color is almost a black but with a brown base. It appears to be black but it is a hint softer. Once the furniture came back in the darker tone it looked so rich and twice as expensive! Love that!

• Mirrors behind nightstands
The first time I helped redo this room we added mirrors behind the nightstands and it brought the focal wall to life. We kept the mirrors because in this bedroom the bed is on the wall without windows. I often use mirrors behind nightstands to create the feeling of windows and add light to a space. Also, it makes the amazing lamps look more amazing!

• Lamps
The large golden pineapple lamps were put in place on the first redo as well. The pineapple is the universal symbol for welcome and in some society’s a symbol of wealth, but most of all they are simply the most beautiful pineapple lamp that I have seen. I like the look of gold against the coolness of blue. They counter balance each other to create a wonderful combination.

• Rug
The rug is one of my favorite rugs which you have seen before and luckily the homeowners loved it too. The large palm fronds spread out in a fan to show teal and greens for an impressive display of foliage against a creamy light background. The rug was further enhanced by the bamboo floor and the dark bedroom furniture.

• The bedding
The bedding changed to all white and light. The homeowners wanted a bed that was quick and simple to make. They love staying at Marriott Hotels and they purchased a thin coverlet that is light weight and washable from The Marriott. To make the bed they only have to pull the coverlet up and add the three white Euro’s along the back. The finishing touch consists of two decorative pillows in front of the Euro’s and I don’t think it gets much easier than that in bed making. The look is simple but crisp and fresh. It looks like a bed at a luxury resort.

• The art
This picture is titled “Sea of Dreams” by Alan Maltz. The subject matter is a sunset taken through sea oats in Naples Florida. Who would not want to wake up to that each day? For this picture we asked the artist to frame it in a traditional frame. The weathered green of the frame and the silk black matting look amazing with the gold fillet and complemented the art to perfection. The art is the perfect finish to the space.

• Special touches
When the furniture is painted it will be a bit more delicate on the surfaces. To protect the tops of the nightstands and dresser, the homeowner had glass cut to fit the shape of the pieces and placed on top. One more thing that works well to protect the pieces of furniture and elevate the look of the furniture is the addition of granite. This summer I had my bathroom counter tops replaced with granite and I had the fabricators use the remaining portion of the slab to create toppers for the nightstand. When you buy granite you are buying the entire slab so you might as well use it. Otherwise, the remnants go back to the yard to be sold to someone else. The addition of the granite to the furniture looks amazing and very expensive without breaking the bank.

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Before and After Pics Below