Blue on Blue

Of all the colors that you can think of, what color is the hottest and the coolest at the same time? What color has been proven to lower the heart rate and is associated with serenity? What color promotes intellectual stimulation and trustworthiness but sometimes can be perceived as cold and without emotion? What color is found the least in food we eat? What color is considered the world’s favorite color? The answer may surprise you because the answer is Blue! If you Google, “What is the world’s favorite color?” The answer will be blue! In all cultures Blue is the reigning king. I guessed it before I Googled it but I was amazed at all the research on the matter. Blue is the color of the sky and ocean and because blue is so peaceful, calming and well-loved it is perfect for a master bedroom or a guest room. Let’s take a peek into the master bedroom of a Carrabelle Courtyard villa that is full of blue hues, relaxation and seaside dreams somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Paint Master Bedroom of a Carrabelle Courtyard villa that is full of blue hues - Home Décor by Ruth Dyer.
We chose Window Pane 6210 because it is a neutral and soft green based blue. This color is so restful and gives just enough contrast against the white furniture.
Also, this color looks amazing with all blue hues. The blues in the room range from teal to navy and they all blend together perfectly.

• Inspiration
We found our inspiration for the room in a panoramic photo by Doug Cavanaugh titled, “Wish You Were Here”. It is a picture that evokes the sentiment and leaves you wishing you were there. I love pulling all the colors from this photo out and dispersing them into the room. Let’s see how we did it.

• White furniture
The white furniture is the white sand! The white pops against the blue and the shuttered look on each piece of furniture lends itself to a Caribbean look that is casual and inviting.

• Navy blue rug
The navy blue rug relates to the sky and the line in the horizon of the picture. This intense azure blue relates to navy well and we used navy in the bedding too.
The rug was re-purposed from the living room. The homeowner decided that he wanted a new rug in the living room but we did not want to throw away a perfectly good rug so we put in the bedroom. I like to try left over items in other rooms because they may brighten another space in your home and look fresh again.

• Bedding
The bedding is a combination of items that I pulled together for the homeowner. I usually start with a white base coverlet. This white coverlet is light and can be washed easily. The white is neutral and the colors that I add to the white look bright and brilliant. After the white coverlet is in place I added three green teal Euro pillow to the back of the bed. These pillows pop off the white head board and pull the color of the water out of the picture. In front of the Euro pillows I added two king cabana strip shams. The stripes on the shams are navy and white and they look great against the teal green Euro pillows. In front of the king shams I placed two accent pillows. One pillow is navy with white palm leaves and the other accent pillow has a sea turtle in the bright blue that is found in the sky of the photograph. Finally, I added a king coverlet at the bottom of the bed. The coverlet is also navy and white striped just like the shams but I folded it in quarters so that it looks like a bed scarf. All the colors pull together and work well with the artwork.

• Lamps
Last but not least the lamps are amazing. They are blown glass lamps in a beautiful greenish teal. The glass color almost perfectly matches the water in the photo.

• Complete space
In the Carrabelle model it is important the master bedroom visually tie into the living room space because there is a direct sight line into the master bedroom. I made the master bedroom coordinate with the living room and when the bed is made the door can be left open to show off another great space.

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Before and After Pics Below