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For those people who say that Florida does not have fall I must disagree. I am here to testify that I have seen fall colors by the pound. This weekend I traveled to the city, Palm Coast Florida to buy a vintage bamboo table set and we were advised by the Google to take all back roads through the Ocala National Forest. The entire way to the coast we passed yellow tipped and orange leaved trees. Now, it is true these trees were snuggled in with huge green pines and more scrub palm than anyone could appreciate but the path to Palm Coast was decidedly autumnal in color. What are autumnal colors you ask? They are pumpkin, rusty reds, gold, and greens. These colors evoke the feeling of warmth and a room with these colors is often so inviting that one will feel the need to linger. So how do we combine autumnal colors and a Floridian feeling you wonder? We can do that by going tropical with British West Indies flair. Let’s take a peek into the living room of a Gardenia model that is autumnal, tropical, and inviting somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

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As we begin to break down the elements of the space, remember that just because you don’t see autumn colors as much in the design world right now, does not mean that they are not popular. Autumnal colors are still popular and so is a tropical look which includes palm trees, pineapples, and bamboo. This look is on the rise and some of the pieces are vintage, very expensive and highly sought after. Check out websites such as and 1st for vintage finds of all styles and you will see what you are missing!

• Paint
The homeowners wanted a color that was warm but not too bold. They chose Patience SW7555. This color is what I would consider the perfect crème. Patience is soft, with a hint of tan and gold to keep it lively. In the changing light of the day one can see gold just a bit more and sometimes tan is more predominate. It is a universal color and very classic. Remember, all interior paints require two coats to keep the warranty valid. Also, choose an eggshell or satin finish so the light will bounce around the space. Flat paint absorbs light.

• Crown molding
The homeowner had seven inch crown molding installed. The molding draws the eye upward and makes the space look larger and it finishes the walls where the ceiling and wall meet. Also, headers were added to the top of the shutters for a more finished look as well. Crown molding is neutral in design which means it will fit into many different design styles. If you have a traditional home then chose a more ornate crown molding profile. If you have a modern home chose a more simple profile for your crown molding.

• Love seat and couch
The homeowners wanted comfort to be the main driving decision when purchasing furniture for the space. The sofa and the loveseat are by a company that fits the sofa to your body and they are beyond comfortable. I find that most of my customers have to put a pillow behind their back when they sit on a regular sofa. This is because the seat of the sofa is too deep. I like sofas that allow the buyer to choose their own depth. Most of my customers choose a 20”or 22” seat for the sofa. Finally, the sofa manufacturer allows the buyer to pick their own foam which includes soft, firm, extra firm or down wrapped. The ability to choose these items specific to the buyer makes this couch and love seat so comfortable.

• Recliner
The recliner was chosen for the man of the house and it fits him perfectly. When choosing a recliner I advise my clients to sit in them for 20 to 30 minutes so that the body can adjust and you will feel any potential problems. Also, try out the lumbar support and the movable headrest options on new recliners, they can be game changers.

• Swivel rocker
The final seating piece in the space is a most comfortable swivel rocking club chair that hugs the body. Guests might just stay too long in a chair like this one.
• British West Indies TV Console
The homeowners like a traditional British West Indies look with lots of color. The TV consoles express that look with rich mahogany wood and bamboo touches. The console, coffee table and side table were purchased from the same collection and they reinforce the British West Indies style.

• Large pineapple lamps
You must have a pineapple something in a British West Indies space and these homeowners have them. These large gold pineapple statement lamps are amazing! They are vintage Currey and Company and are no longer in production. It is a great idea to add a piece of something vintage to your space for interest and it authenticates the look.

• Rug
We have placed the furniture in an open setting in this Gardenia model. When the furniture is placed like this you will need a large rug to cover the floor outlet that will no longer be used. Simple replace the outlet cover with the screw so that it is safe to lay a rug with a rug pad over the outlet. You may use an 8×11 rug or a 9×12 rug to fit the space. Both sizes work.

• Pillows
The pillows that accent the couch and love seat have palm leaves in various autumnal shades that tie into the rug and pull the space together. Also, there is a pineapple pillow on the club chair that pulls the pumpkin color to that side of the room.

• Parrots and Botanicals
The art in the room ranges from parrots to botanicals which all works for a British West Indies look. I like the vintage oil painting of the parrots mixed with the water color botanical because it looks as if the art was collected over time and any room with a British West Indies vibe should look collected over time.
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