If you have not noticed, fall has arrived! There has been a slight turn of the dial taking the temperatures down a notch as the nights begin to soften. At dusk the skies turn into a palette of brilliant hues with the setting of the sun, and the nights get a bit cooler. I like fall because it is the amount of coolness that I can handle without feeling cold from the inside. I celebrate fall by getting out my fleece socks and several more blankets so that I can sleep in a warm cocoon. If I am watching TV I need socks and a blanket to create a warm cocoon as well. Webster’s dictionary describes cocooning as the practice of spending leisure time at home in preference to going out. Do you have your own space to cocoon? Let’s take a peek into the office space of a Jasmin model that has been reborn into a multi-purpose room in which the homeowner will have a safe and warm cocoon year round somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• A space for herselfOffice after looks pretty in pink, Jasmin model,  Interior Design - in the Villages of Florida.
Often in many homes, the office is a collection room of mismatched furniture and leftover items that have been shifted around the house and finally will be shifted out the door when the office is complete. The homeowner wanted a space that she could go to and read quietly or work on the computer without interruption. She wanted it be feminine and she wanted to use the color blush.

• Molding
The homeowner did not want to hang curtains in this space but she did want the window to stand out. We encased the window with large casement molding on the side and a header at the top of the window. Once the walls are painted the window will pop. The room also received crown molding to draw the eye upward and finish the space. The homeowner wanted to wait until the room was complete and she could live with the new space for a bit before she chose a color to paint the walls. That is not a problem and if picking a paint color is stopping you from completing a room then wait until the room is done to pick your paint. There are many ways to complete a space as long as the final result is the same…a finished space.

• Focal wall
The sofa lived under the window in the before picture but we moved it to the largest wall in the space to create a focal wall. The eye naturally moves toward the largest wall in the room so it is natural that the largest piece of furniture would be placed on the largest wall.

• Large art for a large wall
The homeowner wanted a feminine space and we chose two large water color floral prints to hang over the sofa. The colors in the prints range from deep mauve pink to light blush pink with a touch of green. They show beautifully over the sofa and reinforce the feminine statement in the space.

• Two side tables
The wall is large enough to have small side table on each side of the sofa and still have room to access the closet. The two side tables are light and made of metal and stone. The metal is finished in a soft gold tone.

• Two lamps
The room needed a source of light since there is not a light kit on the ceiling fan. We chose two gourd shaped ceramic lamps in blush tone by Suzanne Kasler. The lamps look amazing with the art and reinforce the use of layered pinks in the space.

• Pillows
The pillows are from an online retailer and they are woven wool. The colors of the woven wool range from soft pinks to soft blues with a touch of green. The pillows add the depth of blue which balances with all the pinks in the space. The inserts in the pillows are soft down and great for snuggling up with a good book on the sofa.

• Rug
The rug is a beautiful vintage print that contains all of the color in the space. The best thing about this rug is that it is washable. The rug can be taken outside and sprayed clean with a hose but it looks hand knotted. Amazing!

• Desk
The left side of the room was the perfect position for a desk. We chose a desk with a corner piece to make best use of the space. The corner piece is deep and allows plenty of space for a computer monitor and a keyboard. The right side of the desk is a printer console. The printer sits beneath the desk top and can be pulled out on a large drawer when it is in use and pushed back in when it is not in use. The left side of the desk has several filing cabinets, storage drawers, and one charging station. The desk is so functional and easy to use in the space. The homeowner loves the new position of the desk because she can see out the window as she works at the computer. All of the handles and knobs on the desk are a gold finish and they coordinate with the side tables and mirror.

• Mirror
We hung a large mirror over the desk so that it would reflect the art on the opposing wall. The finish on the round mirror is a soft gold to coordinate with the side tables and the handles on the desk.

• Little chest
Finally, the homeowners little antique chest fit perfectly by the closet and she has a collection of her favorite things displayed on and above the chest.
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