Christmas Classic

The glass doors swooshed and warm air brushed my face inviting us in off the streets to be warmed by the Christmas tree lights. My husband and I entered the lobby of Charleston Place in Charleston South Carolina to be greeted by a massive double staircase ensconcing a perfectly decorated and warmly lit Christmas tree. The glass chandelier hanging above the tree was a big as a car and shimmered like diamonds hanging in the air. This was Classic Christmas in Charleston proper and what a wonderful sight it was to behold. The only thing missing was Rhett Butler preparing to ascend the staircase to take the hand of Scarlet. I walked in between the staircases to feel the glow of the lights and look up into the center of the chandelier. Though I was standing in all that brightly lit beauty my mind wondered to the idea of classics in design. In the world of decorating the classics will always be in style. Let’s take a peek at some of the classics that work in homes everywhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Engineered Harwood is a classicTile and Hardwood with no threshold - Home Décor by Ruth Dyer - in the Villages of Florida.
Engineered hardwood is what we use here in Florida because it glues down to the cement slab. Engineered hardwood consist of layers of plywood glued together and the final layer on top is real hickory, oak or acacia wood. The finishes of these floors are cured under ultra violet lights at the factory so the finishes are tougher than they have ever been before and the character of the wood hides a mired of sins. Engineered hardwood cannot be used in bathrooms but it can be used in the kitchen. Many of my clients have it put in the kitchen for a seamless look but if you want tile in the kitchen that is fine. Tile and Hardwood can be abutted with no threshold so the transitions can be super smooth. Engineered hardwood is a classic and the modern application is to use lighter woods but a medium wood is fine as well. Engineered hardwood does add value to the home and that can be researched on the web for more facts if you are curious. The only disadvantage to engineered hardwood is that it would have to be replaced if a space had water damage. However, most homeowner insurances cover replacing all things that are damaged.

• Tile
Tile is a classic and will never go out of style. If you don’t like engineered hardwood you can select a wood-look tile and that will stand the test of time. The tile has to be a good representation of wood if you are choosing a wood look tile. Homeowners will never go wrong with a tile that looks like stone and always choose medium to light for tile because that will be more neutral and stand the test of time. Tile always adds value to the home as well.

• White kitchens
You may have inherited a wood kitchen and love it and that is great! However, if you are going to spend money on your kitchen then you want to install something that will stand the test of time. White kitchens are classic and will never go away! They are crisp and clean looking. If you are planning a remodel and want to try a trend, then experiment on your island. The island will cost less money to change over time. Remember, HGTV shows are great and we get to see all the latest trends but this is real life and real money so choose trends that have become classics and you can’t go wrong.

• Granite and Quartz
Granite is natural stone and will always be a classic. Quartz is a manmade product that contains stone and it has become a classic. They both add value to the home and they are both great choices. From my customer base about 70% choose granite because it is less expensive and 30% choose quartz. The take away on the two counter tops is that they both add monetary value to the home.

• Molding of all types
The addition of crown molding is always going to improve a space and makes the house look finished. Casement molding with a header, frames out the view or the lanai just beyond the slider. When crown molding is added and casement molding is installed around the slider the end result is beautiful and finished looking. Wainscot in all white makes any space pop and adds dimension to the walls. Any type of professionally installed molding adds classic visual value to a home which translates to more money!

• Shutters
Shutters are the king of window design! They are a classic and will never go away. I like blinds of all types and usually the homeowner’s needs must be met when we choose our privacy treatments. However, since we are discussing classics this week shutters are beautiful, classic, and they do add value to the home.

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