Combinations That Work

I stood over the kitchen sink and though my shoveling arm was sore from my shot it did not stop me from eating my well-earned reward. I decided that if children get a lollipop when they get their shots then I should get an adult worthy reward when I got mine. Chocolate cake and raspberry elegance cake fit the bill and I was shoveling both of them down. Everyone knows if you just leave a little bit on the plate all the calories are in those left behind bites. It is just common sense so go ahead and indulge! Common sense seems so easy to apply in the culinary world but what about in the world of decorating? What if you like coastal and farmhouse with a hint of French country style? Can we mix them and will they look as good as chocolate cake and raspberry elegance tastes? Let’s take a peek into the living room and dining room of an expanded Gardenia model to see how all the flavors of the rainbow live in harmony somewhere in the Heart of The Villages.

• Living room layoutThe Living room of the Expanded Gardenia - Interior Design - in the Villages of Florida.
The placement of the living room windows in this Gardenia are set with the sliding glass doors to the side of the home. There is a beautiful pool beyond the doors and seeing it from the living room is wonderful. In this living room the TV is placed on the wall between the windows because the room is so large there was really no choice. If the homeowners would have placed it on the wall with the bookcase the TV would have been too far away for anyone to see. The TV wall will receive a shiplap wood treatment when the price of wood goes down. The high demand on wood has increased the cost so much that if you are considering a wood wall treatment at this time I would wait until things calm down and the prices begin to normalize. The windows on the TV wall received shutters and a
header that looks great for now. The TV and fireplace console will pop when the shiplap is installed and the whole wall is painted white.

• Furniture placement
The homeowners were able to buy two reclining sofas in soft light leather. The sofas are set in an L-shape to create a faux sectional look. Placing two sofas this way allows each person to have a side table and a lamp. Also, the sofas can be rotated from time to time so that one does not get overused. The arms of these sofas have an accent of alligator skin for a truly unique Floridian touch.

• Side tables and coffee table
The side table and the coffee table have rustic finish and look but the maker of the tables added a decorative leaf scroll on the legs. These tables marry the rustic look with just a hint of French country.

• Swivel chairs
Two rust color swivel chairs round out the seating area on the right of the room. These chairs are easy to move closer into the space if needed.

• Bar
Rather than place a sofa table behind the sofa, the homeowners found a bar height table with two chairs that can be stored beneath the table. They use the bar table all the time for leaving out snacks on the way to the pool. The wood on the bar is rustic and warm so it pays homage to the farmhouse house feeling but it does lean a little French country.

• Bright rug
The rug is a 9X13 abstract print that swirls all the colors in the space together. If you are combining styles, an abstract rug will became the visual bridge builder in the space.

• Chunky book case
The homeowners found this amazing and unique bookcase with big chunky crown molding. It fit the back wall of the living room perfectly and has a built in look. This piece added great storage and display space and can be taken with them if they move.

• Dining room
The dining room would have been too big in this expanded space if the homeowner’s would have left the space remain. However, they borrowed some of the dining room space to create a large walk in closet in the master bedroom. The wall for the closet created a niche for the chairs in the living room and allowed for a normal size dining room that felt comfortable and cozy.

• Long Buffett
Since lack of storage is always a complaint the homeowner’s chose another long buffet for the dining room. The buffet is big but there is still room to store extra chairs on the side of the buffet.

• Round table
The homeowner’s chose a round table for the dining room and I think it fits the space well. Round tables are very inviting and this one has a French country rustic flare that ties into the buffet perfectly.

• Large mirror
The homeowner found a large mirror company online that would manufacture the mirror custom to her size and frame it in a rustic frame to match her furniture.

• Large art
All of the art is colorful! Some of the art is tropical sunsets. While some of the art is bright pictures of horses. The relationship between the two is found in the colors. You can bring together two different subject matters in art if the colors coordinate.

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