The Great Debate

Is it pronounced foyer or foy-ay, or is it vase or is it v-ah-z? These are the deep questions that society has debated since the first dinner party in time. Usually, these pronunciation disagreements evoke a silent judgement on ones station in society but in America it does not matter, we are all equal under the dictionary and have the freedom to choose how we pronounce foyer or is it foyay? What about in the world of decorating? Are we free to express ourselves the way we choose in the entry way of the home? Foyers are the first thing people see when entering your home and the last thing they see when leaving your home. They are the beginning of the color story and the introduction to the home. They should say something about the homeowner but also serve the homeowner in a practical manner. Let’s take a peek into the foyers of a Gardenia, Iris and a Sequoia models somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• GardeniaThe Gardenia Foyer with long table - Interior Design - in the Villages of Florida.
The Gardenia foyer is a great place to have lots of added storage to your home. I always try to encourage my clients to buy a large entry way piece with lots of closed storage and this piece almost fills the long wall of the foyer. The foyer piece is a rustic wood finished piece in a soft teal and white wash that adds soft color and texture to the space. A piece of furniture this long needs something amazing and big over it to show it off. The homeowner chose “Sea of Dreams”, by Alan Maltz in a 60”wide by 40” high canvas to adorn the wall over the entry piece. I like this large colorful picture in this space because it begins the bold color story that the homeowners tell through the décor in their home which we will see more of next week.

• Lamps
We placed two blue heron lamps on the long entry way piece. The lamps were able to stand on each side of the canvas and did not interfere with the picture in any way. The homeowners love animals and Florida so the entry way was a good place to introduce visitors in the home to that part of their decorating story.

• Blank wall
Right now the second wall of the foyer is blank and that is o.k.
The homeowners want to take some time to figure out just what they want on that wall. If you are thinking of something for your Gardenia foyer wall consider a large mirror or a family photo wall.

• Rug
The foyer rug is a long runner rug that has bold red as the main color and blues, golds and greens are the accents. All of the colors in the foyer rug will be repeated throughout the rest of the living room, dining room and kitchen.

• Molding
The homeowners had crown molding installed everywhere but they paid special attention to the door casement molding. They removed all of the smaller molding and it replaced with larger molding and cased the door all the way around including the arch window. The finish look is spectacular and a feast for the eyes of your guests as they are leaving the home.

• Rustic lighting
The foyer light chosen by the homeowners, has a rustic vibe which works well with the homeowner’s furniture selection.

• Sequoia Model foyer
This foyer is very long as well and the homeowner had a big buffet table that looked amazing in the foyer. The table is gold with walnut brown wood on the top and sides. This piece is unique and it starts the story of warm wood and gold tones yet to come throughout the space. The mirror above the buffet is as long as the buffet and the finish is gold as well. The long mirror hung in landscape orientation was the perfect piece to hang above the buffet. Also, the homeowners replaced the light fixture that came with the house to the gold finished Beau Orb light and it coordinates well with the gold of the buffet.

• Small rug Sequoia Foyer
The homeowners were able to fit a 3’ by 5’ rug in the entryway. The Small rug starts the story of shades of blue that will be deposited through the home. There will be more to see on this home as well in the weeks to come.

• Iris Model Foyer
The homeowners selected a 5’by8’ rug in the Iris foyer because it adds drama and comfort. When the rug is laid at an angle the foyer is filled with a large pop of color and the rug is very useful. The entry way table added a touch of teal into the space which is color that is seen throughout this home. The large mirror above the entry table adds light and reflection in the space. We finished the table with a lamp and an arrangement that the homeowner owned. Finally, we hung a large piece of art on the wall with the pocket door. I like to hang light and large art on this wall because it is a part of the focal wall of the foyer but you have to be careful not to damage the pocket door. Though the Iris model foyer is smaller than the Gardenia and Sequoia foyers; that does not mean to use lots of small stuff to decorate the space. I believe the philosophy of “larger and less” is very appropriate in a small space.

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