Farmhouse and Florida

My Grandmother’s farmhouse on Highway 54 in Zephyrhills Florida was surrounded on three sides by lush orange groves as far as the eye could see. The scent of orange blossoms in April was so strong you could almost taste orange by breathing in the air. A kumquat tree adorned the front yard of that white clapboard home and palm trees ensconced it on each side. A beautiful hedge surrounded the house obscuring it somewhat from the highway. All the lush greenery ensured a pleasant nap on the front porch swing while the palm fronds creaked and swished in the gentle spring breeze. As I stared at the picture of my grandmother’s old house full of memories, my mind wondered to thoughts of farming and home décor. Do you need to be a farmer to have farmhouse décor or could farmhouse décor be used in touches throughout a space? Let’s take a peek into a Begonia Living room to see how farmhouse and Florida live in perfect harmony, somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Neutral wall colorOpen bright and farmhouse coastal, Interior Design - in the Villages of Florida.
The homeowners wanted the walls to be neutral and warm. They chose Popular Gray 6071 because it is a brown based gray that looks warm and neutral at the same time. The finish of the paint is satin so that light will bounce around the room and making the room appear brighter.

• Furniture Placement
The furniture was placed so that the space would stay open. The homeowners entertain with frequency and want to have easy access to each space. The TV was placed on the smallest wall so that when watching TV the homeowners can look out at their view. This leaves the largest wall which is the natural focal point to be filled with furniture and art. The sofa was placed between the two windows and looks nice and bright on the wall. The two recliners that are the home owners most used seats are set opposite the TV. The recliners are best if they are wall huggers but these are not wall huggers so they have to sit at a slight angle to enjoy the view and TV. These two recliners both rock and swivel which does not allow them to wall hug. If you are shopping for recliners and want to place them near a wall, they should be wall hugging so that they don’t take up too much space when laid out. The feature of rocking cannot be combined with wall hugging so be sure to really think about the function of your furniture before you purchase. The accent chair is a swivel chair that has a lovely tropical print that is enhanced by the rug.

• Rug
The rug is a wool rug with an abstract pattern full of all the colors in the room. The rug is 8×11 feet and which is a great size to cover the floor outlet that will not be used with this furniture arrangement. The room can hold a 9×12 foot rug as well. The larger rug is placed under the furniture a bit more than the 8×11. They both work so if you fall in love with a rug that only comes in a large size feel free to use it.

• Case goods
Case goods in the décor industry are side tables, coffee tables, consoles or any items that provide interior storage space. The side tables, coffee table and TV console in this space have a bit of a rustic farmhouse look. The finishes are light but they look aged like you might find in a farmhouse. This look pairs well with a coastal vibe because you might find items like that in a coastal cottage.

• Large art over the sofa
The large art over the sofa is titled, “Endless Journey” and is a private dock on Sugar Loaf Key. The deep colors of the photo enhance the natural focal point and make the wall pop.

• Key West Cottages
The art over the two recliners is two Key West cottages on canvas from an artist in Key West. They look like oil paintings when the artist is done with them. The colors are bright and complement the large photo and they add a touch of casualness to the space. Finally, they look great with a touch of farmhouse in the accessories.

• Old crocks
The homeowners brought with them a huge old crock that we turned into an accent table. We placed the accent table on the angled wall and added a collection of small old crocks filled with shells to the top of the old crock. The top of the old crock was fashioned from wooden boards nailed together and stained for a weathered old look. Above the old crock we hung a gathering basket that we filled with hydrangea. Finally, we filled one small old crock with hydrangeas and placed them on the coffee table for more color. The colors pop and fill the space with happy!

• Glass lamps
The two lamps are blown glass with green swirls that almost match the color of the water in the photograph. They would be considered modern by most but they live in complete harmony with the farmhouse case goods.

• Shutters
The shutters in the space are Norman shutters and they are the composite shutters. When purchasing shutters always chose composite or wood but do not chose plastic and vinyl. Once the shutters were installed, the crown molding specialist added a header that visually mimicked the large header over the sliding glass door. The similarity in all the window treatments provides visual continuity to the back of the house and makes the windows and rooms look complete.

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