Coffee and Two Nooks

The smell of coffee fills the air as the expresso maker presses each pod into a foamy aromatic soup. Each press of the button fills my white cup with more of this amazing elixir. I am never disappointed as I run a knife through the foamy peaks and a heart appears; it’s like I have my own expert barista making cappuccinos just for me on command. Of the many joys in life; coffee, a good book, and little nook in which to enjoy them, ranks high on the list. Webster’s dictionary defines a nook as an interior angle formed by two meeting walls; or a recessed section of a larger room. Many of the homes that I see have two eating areas but adding a table and chairs can make it tight. When we add banquet seating it creates a nook feeling and increases utility. Let’s take a look at two different nooks one in an Iris and one in a Begonia, somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Iris nookCoastal and Inviting, Iris - model, Home Décor by Ruth Dyer - in the Villages of Florida.
Though the homeowners made the traditional dining room of their Iris into a nook, it does not mean that they cannot use it to have dinner with friends. This nook is a dual purpose nook. The two back walls of the nook create the space for the benches that they purchased from an online retailer. These benches are upholstered and fit together in the shape that fits the space. The benches have a corner piece that bridges them together for a full built-in banquet look. Using banquet seating in an Iris dining room is so great because you don’t have to allow room to pull out chairs on all sides. This allows much more space to walk between the living room and the dining room. Also, the upholstered seating is super comfortable. The best part of the upholstered seating is that it can be moved easily. If you need an extra bench for the living room or on the lanai, they can be moved out to those spaces as individual pieces and provide extra comfortable seating.

• Table
As you see in both pictures the table for this arrangement must be a pedestal table. The pedestal allows room for legs and feet to slide into the space. The top of the table can be round which could be expanded with a leaf if needed. Also, the top could be square on a pedestal but the square edges sometimes can hurt if someone were to catch an edge with their hip or thigh.

• White wainscoting
In both houses pictured wainscot was installed. The treatment was painted all white so that the fabric on the benches would pop in the space. The wainscot adds a layer of texture and highlights the space within a larger space.

• Window mirrors
The homeowners had two square window mirrors that reflect the view from the opposing sliding glass doors. This adds light to the dining room and from the right angle reflects the artwork in the space.

• Large art
The homeowners added a large print on canvas above the wainscot and it commands attention. It adds color and so much interest to the space. This was a photo that the homeowner took themselves so it creates a personal touch as well.

• BegoniaBegonia-model Nook, Bright and Cheery, Interior Design - in the Villages of Florida.
This second picture shows a Begonia kitchen nook. The Begonia has one small window in the nook so it is often dark. We fixed this situation by hanging an arched mirror on the large back wall of the space. This addition creates the feeling of a window and adds light.

• Large pop of color
The homeowner added a large pop of color with and abstract painting on the side wall to finish off the space nicely! This nook can be used for so many things beyond eating because the seating is so comfortable.

• One last thing note
This entire set up was purchased first for an Iris. This banquet filled the dining room of an Iris prior to the homeowner moving into this Begonia.

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