Florida Country

There is some art that you look at with appreciation and then there is art that draws you in like a good book. The picture “Free Spirit” glows from within and is mesmerizing. The subject is a single mangrove growing from a sandbar off the coast of Islamorada. The sky appears as a mixture of teals in the horizon converging with the bright blue water of the gulf. A thin layer of white clouds dapples the point at which sky and water collide highlighting the subject in the foreground which is a mangrove tree. The water thins as it approaches the mesh of twisted mangroves and turns to the color of green glass. The sand around the base of the bush looks soft and sienna colored, glowing with the amber light of the sun. We often think of sunsets and birds as a way to infuse our homes with Florida but mangrove trees that surround Florida provide entire environments for wildlife to thrive. So then for those who love trees once you see a mangrove there is no doubt you are in Florida country. Let’s take a peek at the living room of an Oleander model that has been freshly infused with Florida, somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• ChallengeOleander Model, after Image.
The homeowners wanted an update with an infusion of Florida but they did not want to get rid of everything. We decided to get new seating pieces, new paint, and window treatments. Also, new art, a rug, and lamps would update the space. Many of the pieces that were in the space had a bit of country flare such as Longaberger baskets, a bookshelf, and a few great antique pieces. The one color that the baskets shared was a touch of navy blue. We decided that navy blue would be a great accent to bridge the Florida art with the country pieces and it looks great!

• Paint
We decided to go light and bright with the paint. The color that complemented the space best was Patience 7555. This is a great blend of tan, gold, and crème that creates a color that is soft but lively. The room felt so bright and fresh when it was repainted.

• Shutters
This model has a large window at the back of the space. The valance looked like a heavy eyebrow drawing the eye down and cutting the window by a third. The shutters were installed in white and made the window look big and bright. The top of the shutter is white and invites the eye to move up to the pretty arch.

• Crown molding
We added seven inch crown to add a pop of white and draw the eye up. This makes the space look more finished and the crown looks amazing. Remember, seven inch crown is best in rooms with ceilings that are nine feet or higher.

• New seating pieces
The homeowners bought a new sofa in a durable woven fabric with navy and white blended. The homeowners wanted an ottoman but they both wanted to use it. Rather than buy a big ottoman to share we had an upholstery company custom make two smaller ottomans in a complementary fabric. This worked best for them because when they sit on the sofa, they can sit straight instead of at an angle which is what you have to do when sharing an ottoman. The new recliner is a wall hugger so that it takes up less walkway space and we placed it where the brown recliner used to live. We moved the brown recliner to the end of the space so that reclining in it would not impede the pathway.

• Rug
The rug is an 8×10 and has various colors of blue with navy being very prominent. This rug acts a visual anchor that delineates the space.

• Lamps
We went big on the lamps because the tables were big and the room could handle it. The homeowners chose two big golden pineapples that symbolize hospitality and the gold looks amazing in the space.

• The art
The art is titled, “Free Spirit” and it is the “tie” that pulls it all together! All the colors in the room can be found in the picture. The navy blue high in the sky, the gold at the root of the mangrove, and the teals in the horizon of the photograph are all found in other things in the space.

• Each side of the window
We placed a little cabinet on one side of the window and small bookshelf on the other side of the window. We placed the sofa table in front of the window and it made the large walkway space feel more defined while adding a nice focal point in front of the window. Above the cabinet on the right, we hung a water color of the St. Augustine lighthouse. The water color works well with all the pieces and reinforces a casual feeling.

• Shelf above TV
The homeowners had their TV sitting on their console and it did not seem visually strong enough to balance the space. We added a floating shelf above the TV to draw the eye up and make the area feel more in balance.

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Before and After Pics Below