Good Trends for 2024

Happy New Year everyone and happy decorating in the new year! There will be lots of on-line articles telling you all the latest fads and trends in the world of decorating for 2024. I cannot speak to the latest fads, which are defined as things that come and go quickly in design, but I can speak to the trends that my clients are implementing. According to Websters Dictionary, a trend is, “a general direction in which something is developing or changing over time.” While things may be different on the trend line in other parts of the country, I believe the trends with my Villages client base remain steady and consistent with a few new additions each year. Let’s peek into rooms from the past to discuss what the future holds in design somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

  •  Lighting everywhereSide panels with molding used to accent the arch, Interior Design - Home Décor by Ruth Dyer.
Lighting is very important to make a room usable. We are adding lighting anywhere it is needed. We add lighting above cabinets, below upper cabinets to shine on the counter tops and below the bottom cabinets to illuminate the floor at night with low lighting. It has become very popular to light under the bar area so that at night when entertaining the low lights make the space feel cozy and inviting. We add accent lighting to artwork and fireplace surrounds. If you found yourself complaining about lighting last year the best gift you could give yourself is a visit from a qualified electrician.

  •  Easily Accessible Storage
The trend in kitchen design is drawers everywhere you can get a drawer. Drawers in the kitchen are better than doors with installed pullouts. You don’t lose space like you do with a pullout. Also, a drawer has deep sides and things do not spill out. Drawers allow you to pull out the drawer and see everything that is in that drawer in an instant. Drawers eliminate the need to get down and look way back in the vacuous wasted space of corner cabinetry. Anything can go in a drawer, especially pots and pans! Drawers can organize your spices, knives, or plastic storage bowls. Also, there is a cabinet designed specifically for the KitchenAid mixer and all its attachments. If you are getting your bathroom redone don’t forget to consider the height of each drawer to store shampoo and conditioner. Finally, there are drawers especially designed to hold your hairdryer and curling iron.

  •  Closet storage
Many of my clients get the closets fully built out rather than fill the bedroom with too many dressers. The money that could have been spent on a dresser can be half of the price of building out the closet with a fully functioning organized system.

  •  Aging in place
This is a concept that is thought of when any type of remodel is done to a space. So many of my clients are re-moving the bathtub for a walk-in shower without a lip.
We always add fashionable grab bars because no matter what the age you can always use more stability in a wet shower.

  •  Molding and More Molding
Molding will never go out of style and my clients cannot get enough of it. It changes a space and makes a non-embellished home look like a custom and finished space.
This year there will be the addition of more molding applied to the ceiling. I have been getting more and more requests for that application and will show you when the spaces are done.

  •  Stationary side panels
Stationary side panels add softness, pattern, and texture to a room. The side panels can be added with molding or without molding. They always add something to a space. They can be custom made or there are lots of online options that are beautiful and affordable.

  •  Area rugs
Area rugs are maintaining popularity because the trend for years has been to leave behind wall-to-wall carpet for hard surface flooring. The area rugs add definition, softness, and texture to any space. They are easy to change out should you tire of a rug over time.

  •  Curated furniture
More and more people are rejecting the notion that everything must match. The look of a home is richer and more inviting if the furniture looks collected over time. How do you do that if you are buying all new furniture? The furniture industry caters to that idea by making different shapes and finishes in a collection. This is great because the hard work of worrying that things will work together is done by the furniture designers before the collections go to market. The result is the end consumer has great choices in a collection for an already curated look.

  •  Recover good furniture
Good furniture has become so expensive that many of my customers recover their pieces to update them. The wing backs were recovered for half the cost of new chairs for the game table.

  •  Furniture painting
Furniture painting and refinishing is also on the rise of requests because again, to replace a good piece is way more than refinishing. The table in the picture is Ethan Allen and it looks amazing and updated.

  •  Wallpaper and more Wallpaper
The top request that is on trend is the request for wallpaper. I have more requests for wallpaper than I ever had since I have been decorating! It is officially trending its way back into our homes. I will show the wallpaper in spaces in the new year as the rooms become ready for pictures.
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