In A Good Light

Though we live in the sunshine state and have more days of sun than clouds, there seems to be a constant battle to keep our houses bright. The key to brightening up a space is to utilize the natural light. Webster’s dictionary defines light as; the form of radiant energy which stimulates visual perception. Visual perception is how we see the world around us and discover things through our sense of sight. So then, if the space you are decorating is to be perceived in a good light it must be bright and capture the light. Let’s take a peek into a Lantana Dining room that has found the light somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• PaintAfter Image of Lantana Dining Room
The house already had light walls and they looked nice but the homeowner wanted a different color. The only stipulation with the new color was that it added light to the space. We chose a light neutral blue called Window Pane 6210. This color is a green based blue so that it never looks too blue and it is considered a neutral. This blue creates a sense of airiness and when painted by windows and sliders the blue color blends into the outdoors, working to enhance and expand the view. Remember to always paint your color choices on poster board that is cut in half. This will allow you to hang several samples around the house and see the paint in different light.

• Crown molding
The homeowners had seven inch crown molding installed. The white band of molding on the ceiling adds a pop of brightness that draws the eye upward in the space. Seven inch crown molding is always recommended on a ceiling that is nine feet or taller. The higher your ceilings the smaller the crown molding will look so seven inch crown provides a bit more visual bang for your buck!

• Large mirrors
The Lantana dining room always has a large wall opposing the sliders. This wall is usually washed with light because it does oppose the large sliders. Since we wanted to lighten the dining room we hung two large mirrors on the large wall to capture the light and throw it back into the space. The mirrors are 72 inches high by 48 inches wide and they are Palladian arches that mimic a window. The mirrors are hung thirty inches off the ground so that they can capture maximum light and reflect the view of the golf course. Now if friends visit for dinner, everyone gets to experience the view.

• Furniture Placement
We removed the server that was on the small wall of the dining room and turned the table to run with the length of the back wall of mirrors. This allowed more room for the table to be utilized and we placed all the chairs around the table. This made the space look larger, lighter and brighter.

• Rug
The flooring in the house is all light tiles, which is good. However, all tile flooring can make a house feel cold and a little echoey. The homeowners wanted a new rug for the living room and I suggested that we take the old living room rug and use it in the dining room. I loved the pop of color in the dining room and the old rug fit the space perfectly. We also added a third rug to the kitchenette area and it really warmed up the space without taking light.

• Art
We added a large piece of art on the smaller wall of the dining room that the homeowners selected from the photographer Alan Maltz. This picture was taken from Sunset Key which is located just off the southern end of Key West. The teal green and golds in the photo work well with the new rug and the art adds light and interest to the space.

• Chandelier
The homeowners wanted a new chandelier and they chose the Beau Orb. I like this chandelier because it adds visual interest without blocking light. The round shape is classic and blends nicely with the mirrors.

• Table Runner and floral
The table runner adds a pop of gold and white to the top of the table. The gold color is repeated in the rug and the art. The floral adds a pop of blue which is one of the homeowner’s favorite colors.

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Before and After Pics Below