Jaw dropping window treatments

My Jaw dropped as I stood there wordless and horrified. I was watching my one year old kitten named Molly run around the living room in an excited fit of joy. She lept from the couch and in mid-air grabbed the window treatment with outstretched paws full of extended claws and climbed to the top. She stood crouched down and precarious on the rod near the ceiling as her eyes grew wide with understanding that she might be in deep on this one. She looked at me breathing hard and let out a panicked meow for help. I ran for the ladder and retrieved her carefully claw by claw to minimize the picks in the fabric. Hopefully, she won’t make that mistake again. We all make mistakes in life but what about in the world of decorating? Window treatments can be some of the most expensive mistakes when decorating your home. Here are a few tips to help you get unmistakable jaw dropping window treatments that you will never regret somewhere in the heart of The Villages.


• Last Things LastLong side panels hung high complement the view - Interior Design - Home Décor by Ruth Dyer.

I advise my customers to choose window treatments last in the process. When you choose window treatments last you will choose a fabric that complements your design aesthetic rather than becoming the main statement in the space. Choosing last will help you choose a fabric that will stand the test of time instead of one whose time will come.


• Fabric selection

The one philosophy I adhere to when selecting fabric for windows is that it must stand the test of time. If you choose a fabric that is really bold, you will have to live with that for a long time. Bold fabrics tend to catch the eye first and require a lot of visual attention. One technique to help clients chose fabric is a flip test. I will hold the book of fabrics up to the wall and flip between two choices quickly. My client will stand far away and watch how those fabrics perform. The one that tends to blend nicely and complement the space is usually the best choice. You don’t want to come home two years later and realize you are tired of that three thousand dollar investment.


• Back lighting and flip test

When you are choosing your fabrics pay close attention to back lit windows.  These are usually windows that are large at the back of the home and have lots of sunlight. If you have a window that is back lit, dark fabrics will get darker in front of that window. You might be admiring a lovely fabric on your lap and when you look at it you are in love. However, when you put it on the wall and the sun is back lighting that window, the fabric becomes so dark it just disappears. On backlit windows you need a fabric that will show up and that is usually a medium to light fabric.


• Florida window treatments

There are no rules for window treatments in Florida. I grew up in Florida and have never seen a rule book for this geographical region as it applies to window treatments. So then, anything goes. However, there are some guidelines that just make good sense.  If you want to do just a cornice board or a topper that is fine but you should have the window trimmed out with molding first. The eye needs something to follow so that the topper does not make the window look like it is wearing a shirt and no pants. If you trim the window the sides look finished and the treatment looks complete, but if you leave the sides bare the eye has nothing to follow and it tends to look unfinished. Tip: If you have cornices that you are tired of looking at, have them recovered.


• Cornices with side panels 

This is a beautiful look and is not heavy if you expand the treatment beyond the window. I usually, recommend that the cornice be made larger than the window and hang the side panels just skimming the side of the window. The optical illusion is that the window is larger and the full view outside is maintained.


• Just side panels

Long side panels make the window look amazing! The secret to great side panels is to hang them high and hang them wide. This creates the optical illusion that the window is larger than it really is. It also draws the eye up in a room and makes the entire space look larger. Tip: Look at decorating magazines and you will find long side panels often in fabulous spaces.


• Dress the windows

I do recommend window treatments of some type in a space. The fabric not only softens the space and absorbs sound but it is like the fabulous necklace that pulls it all together.


• No fabric treatment

There are lots of people who do not want traditional fabric window treatments. If you are one of them, consider trimming out the window with large molding. It will give it a finished look and make the window pop!


• Shutters and Headers 

If you want permanent treatment that will always stand the test of time, consider plantation shutters. To add an extra pop at the top of your shutter, have a header made out of crown molding. I don’t believe anyone will ever tire of the look because it is as classic as the Chanel Suit.


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