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I love Florida but I am not blind to the fact that she has her faults. Florida is the sunshine state, and she is really hot during the summer. During the spring, that is not yellow dust on your car or lanai furniture, it is pollen, and she lays it on thick. Florida will establish a very predictable rain pattern most afternoons during the months of July and August. It is not unusual to pop into the store for twenty minutes on a sunny day only to return to your car with fogged glasses from the steam bath that was created from the downpour while you were inside. It is also not unusual to see the sun shining and it is raining at the same time. With all of Florida’s predictably hot steamy summers she offers lush greens and wildlife to view from your lanai. So, if you have a lanai and you are not using it, transform that space into an all-season room. Let’s peek into the enclosed lanai of a Lantana model that is pollen dust and steam free. The air conditioning will allow you to linger beyond the setting of the sun and enjoy Florida 365 days and evenings a year somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

  • Expansive views need privacyLong shot of the Lantana Lanai, Beautiful, Interior Design - in the Villages of Florida.
This lanai is large and situated to take advantage of the expansive views of the golf course. However, at night one might feel like they are in a fishbowl. The homeowners needed privacy at night and during the day some protection from the harsh sun. The only choice for the homeowners and their lanai was to take advantage of motorization and the convenience that it added to using the lanai. The goal was to leave as much view exposed as possible, keep the window treatments hidden and make them easy to use. This was accomplished by using Hunter Douglas Duette Cellular shades. These shades offer high energy efficiency, a tax credit on certain styles, and they offer vertical options for installation. The homeowner had the cellular shades installed all the way around the lanai including over the door. The blinds were mounted underneath a beautiful custom made white wooden cornice that completely hides the blinds. With the press of a button the blinds drop down to cover one window or all the windows. The crown molding cornice added beautiful architecture to the space and obscures the blinds when not in use.

  • Why motorization
Motorization is so important to consider in this case so the function of the blinds will be effective and convenient. To try to operate blinds by hand behind a sectional would be very difficult and tiring each day twice a day. Motorized blinds allow the homeowner to use the blinds easily whenever they need them. If you are considering blinds and cannot afford motorization for every window, then at least get the tough to reach areas motorized so that you will be happy everyday when opening and shutting the blinds. For example, I have a large sofa in front of a window that has a large shutter. For years I reached over the deep sofa twice a day every day to open and shut the shutter. Finally, when I found out that shutters can be motorized, I bought a motorized shutter. I love to open and close the shutter every day because it is so easy, and I don’t have to mess up the sofa pillows.

  • More with motorization
Motorization of most privacy treatments are offered today so your style will not be restricted if you choose motorization. The window treatment industry will be phasing out all cords on blinds and offering rods that turn or cordless lift options. I like motorization to eliminate having a rod hanging down to operate the blinds. Motorization will increase security in the home. The blinds can be set on a schedule to open and close as if you were home creating the illusion that all is normal.

  • Set and Forget
The use of motorization will allow you to set the blinds on a schedule that works for you and then forget it. This is a great function if your lanai has heavy sun at different times of day. It is all customizable to the homeowner and their needs.

  • Sectional
A sectional sofa is the best choice for this lanai because though the lanai is large it can fill up quickly with too much furniture. The sectional allows for maximum seating and the homeowner still had room for a recliner as well. Two side tables and a coffee table provide plenty of surfaces for food, drinks and I Pads.

  • TV
The TV is large and sits on top of a large buffet which provides storage for games and any needs that they may have on the lanai. The TV can sit on the buffet, or it can be mounted on the wall. If the TV was to be mounted in this space, I would suggest a bracket that would allow the TV to be pulled out. This ability to access the back of the TV will come in handy if a grandchild comes and wants to play games on the big screen or should the homeowners need to have a zoom meeting the backdrop would be amazing!

  • Table
The homeowners use the table so much in this space because the view is so great. I find that when the lanai is enclosed, this is the space that gets the most use in the home. If you are considering enclosing your lanai you will never regret that decision.

  • Rugs
The homeowners placed two rugs in the space. One rug in the seating area for comfort and a pop of color. The other rug is a round rug underneath the table. The chairs roll better on a rug because they don’t get stuck on the grout line. Finally, the rugs provide sound absorption, which is always important in an all-tile home.

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